Minnesota 6, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/25/2009 07:30:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recaps New York's 6-2 loss at home against Minnesota Wednesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Very disappointing result for a team playing excellent hockey at home. Almost seems like the last week or so the Isles bubble popped and what was helping them win and play competitive has let some games simply get away from them.

Bergenheim out, Joensuu in Bridgeport, Thompson-Park back in? Sure Park has scored since his return but it's not the same quality goals and chances as the Devils game or the Habs game.

Minnesota brought a lot to this game after they started slowly. Very chippy game with a lot of hits and scrums. Almost seemed like the fighting/scrums woke the Wild up and motivated them with the standings.

Islanders started the game well, did not sustain it long and considering they were the rested team there is no excuse for that. They had the better legs early but after Gaborik beat Thompson down low off a great centering pass to tie the game things changed quickly.

Streit a beautiful dish pass and a nice screen by Iggulden for Gervais who had a perfect shot. Big hits by Tambellini and Thompson early.

Yann Danis has to stop the second goal, the reaction by Scott Gordon on the bench said it all, he was not set or had his pads together, aside from that he did not have a lot of help or too much help on Skouka's third period goal with the screens from three Islanders or the one Owen Nolan shot off Gervais.

Overall his reactions were not sharp but again he did not have a lot of help.

Smg opened the door a second early which is why Comeau landed on the other side which could have been a serious injury, did not see anything out of line from the Wild there but loved Okposo's reaction.

Comeau kept talking penalties and fighting back. Too quiet a night from Nielsen. Bailey had a great third period chance, Tambellini a few plays at the net.

Tim Jackman needed to get involved in this one a lot more in the physical department.

Did Hilbert deflect it with an open net off Backstrom who was at the top of his crease which means Hilbert deflected it the wrong way? Second goal since he returned from injury which we all know is not nearly enough.

Nate Thompson's first NHL assist on that quality shift from that line.

For the Wild the best player on the ice was the best player in the building and that's Marian Gaborik with his four points. He got to the net for a goal and set up several others.

Three on three down two goals and Scott Gordon with the last change had Gervais, Martinek, Nielsen on the ice, eventually Witt came on. I know Okposo, Comeau and Streit were in the box, I think Bailey was in the lockeroom.

Would not have been the worst time to play Tambellini but that's an easy second guess.

Howie Rose called this one like his car was double-parked and running with the Minnesota trap angle which was disrespectful to a cup winning coach who's had a great deal of success. Wild in the second dominated the puck in the Isles end of the ice and missed a lot of shots which were not credited and came at the Islanders hard in the third.

Wild looked a lot more entertaining and played less of a trap than the Rangers have for over three years.

What was the cheap shots with Marc-Andre Bergereon's missing the net, that was uncalled for by Rose also.

Howie Rose had a very poor night doing his Vancouver media impersonation earlier this season.

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