New York 4, Chicago 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/15/2009 05:52:00 PM |

 Recaps New York's 4-2 win at Chicago on Sunday afternoon.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Congratulations to Peter Mannino on his first NHL win.

Strange game.

I guess this was the Islanders version of the sixty shot loss they had against Carolina where Chicago (like the Islanders that night) had a lot of chances but not a lot of great quality chances or passing plays.

Chicago only had around forty but if you remember that Carolina game you get the idea.

Seems as the game got into the third period the more Chicago tried to do the less they got done and were fighting the puck.

Peter Mannino for his part was outstanding, he stopped a few breakaways where the Isles had pressure on the shooter and flashed the glove in the first on one save but for the most part Chicago most of the game was a play or a pass short and you could see them struggle to generate a quality chance with even both of their goals coming off scrambles for garbage goals. Mannino was very composed, compact and the Hawks did not make him scramble.

You can see why they have been struggling lately by their record not only for wins but goals.

Chicago played a good physical game and knocked the Islanders around a lot, their first pass out of the zone was excellent early but once they gained the zone they did not seem to have any chemistry creating quality chances.

Brent Seabrook was excellent for Chicago, Ben Eager played his usual annoying game as we saw when he was in Philadelphia. Their young players did not impress me or show a lot of chemistry.

Islanders for their part looked like a team playing it's sixth game in eight days with a roster top heavy without players with scoring skills after subtracting even Bergenheim, McLean and Joensuu. They got little at Khabibulin who looked like a goalie waiting to get beat and did when the shots finally came. Comeau made the pass to Park and set up the 2-1/3-1 goals. Nielsen made a nice move to finish.

That seemed like a major-league elbow to Nielsen and to the head, two minutes?

Isles did not generate much but struck quick, their powerplay did not look good overall but that's where Mark Streit came in not only with his world class shot that Khabibulin had no chance on. His game today stood out on offense and defense, he broke up that play diving at the end where Gervais took the penalty.

Gervais was on point when he fed Streit for his second goal, Okposo was moved to left wing for the powerplay. Hilbert, Park saw powerplay time.

Tambellini's effort drew a powerplay that led to a goal.

Not a great effort for the win but funny thing happened in the third, Chicago faded and the Islanders defense tightened up until the five on three. Even with that advantage they did not look very organized.

Hard to believe that called Witt for that play clearing the crease? Hawks had six and seven players (for a few seconds) simply not looking very organization.

Six games in eight days 4-1-1 with a lot of roster turnover. That's a heck of a solid job considering the overall road record.

Too bad they could not get a shot at the open net for Streit who absolutely deserves Norris consideration but does not have the media coverage to lobby for him.

Now everyone gets a well-earned rest.

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