Rangers 4, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/05/2009 08:47:00 PM |

NHL.com: Recaps the Rangers 4-2 win against the Islanders on Thursday night with sportsnetwork & AP coverage.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Congratulations to Jack Hillen on his first career goal and Andrew MacDonald on his first NHL point.

I seem to be writing that a lot this year and that's the good news.

Bad news is Islanders did not win and cut the gap against Atlanta back down to a point so they could escape the NHL basement.

I guess for some that will be the silver lining.

Seemed like a lot like the last Islander-Ranger game at the Coliseum, Islanders fight from behind all night but for the most part out play the Rangers going into the third with a big shot advantage before experience takes over and they cannot score a big goal to tie the game or make a critical mistake as the Rangers outshoot them with the game on the line.

Okopso or Hilbert's breakaways go in or Bergenheim's post go in it's a different result, they got the chances, give credit to Lundqvist for keeping them in early.

Seems like the Islanders are the only team Chris Drury scores against.

Martinek led the Isles in shots with four through two periods.

Joel Rechlicz actually got a point? Comeau badly needed something to get him going, been way too long between goals or breakaways for him, tonight he got both and got an assist.

Hillen so far is not making me miss Chris Campoli, nice backhand and rush at the net that opened up Lundqvist between the pads. Not one of Danis best games but the mistakes in front of him were costly.

Too bad Bilbert and McAmmond collided and a bad bounce found Martinek off the boards that led to the 4-2 goal. Tambellini came close again after his goal the other night.

Hunter did not look ready or a bit slow.

Would like to see this game a year from now, the Islanders at full strength with something resembling a first line but I seem to write that after every Ranger game and a lot of other games.

Having written that the Rangers got the two points but for the most part just did not look like a very good team, it's the first game after their trades/waiver but it did not look that much different or better. A team with a first line that can finish is going to be a very tough opponent for them.

That's their problem, Islanders have a season to finish and prospects to develop.

Islanders should be able to break through against a bubble playoff team considering how well they have played Pittsburgh and the Devils last time out but not this year against the Rangers and seemingly not for way too long against Philadelphia.

Would love to see what these kids play like a year from now with a few top six forwards.

Their powerplay right now is giving them nothing, almost the reverse of earlier when most of the offense came with the powerplay.

I will give the Islanders some credit here, they had a lot of fight in them tonight with a very inexperienced team and if you did not know the names or the record you would think the Rangers at time were 30th.

As for March 2009, the New York Islanders simply are not that team.....yet.

They get another shot at the Devils on Saturday with I expect will be Mr Brodeur this time.

Not the most encouraging interview from Mr Wang before the game. I guess his personal deadline is the start of next season for approval, but the discussion was all over the place. Howie Rose had to ask too many questions in too quick an amount of time but did a solid job trying to ask what we would want to know.

That Newsday coverage sure is helping Ranger fans mock the Islanders arena problems, which is not a good thing......at all.

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