Seems Kate Murray opposes Lighthouse

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/11/2009 12:55:00 PM |
Newsday: Eden Laikin reports Town of Hempstead Kate Murray Tuesday called on Nassau County to seek federal stimulus money to launch the renovation of the county-owned Coliseum, saying the project would create valuable jobs, stimulate the local economy and keep the Islanders here.

Mr Murray also states the work could begin soon because the renovation requires a less extensive state environmental review than the Lighthouse project.

Tom Suozzi in the article made it clear the stimulus would not make sense without the Lighthouse project and is already in negotiations with Mr Wang-Rechler on a lease to expedite things (or get Mr Wang's lease voided if he fails to negotiate one with the developers) while Mr Wang's comments from last weeks tv interview they need an answer by the start of next hockey season are included in their letter.

Mr Wang-Rechler responded with the following:
"We are very concerned that the Supervisor's letter is . . . another way to create a political "puck" - moving this worthwhile project from political party to political party."

Newsday: Elizabeth Moore's article indicates Nassau County is behind the project whether stimulus money is included or not that is mostly about transportation plans that have been looked about for over a decade.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Obviously for Kate Murray to make such a statement undercuts Mr Wang-Mr Rechler's Lighthouse Project entirely and is the most clear sign to date she does not want it built.

This is something Nassau/TOH could have requested a decade ago but the intent seems clear, keep the political game going for years hoping for stimulus money comes but keeping control of revenue to be made off the Coliseum property while the hockey team and it's owner sits in limbo losing money with no future revenue stream given building and Smg lease.

I seriously doubt Ms Murray made this statement to help Mr Wang-Rechler get extra money to renovate the Coliseum for themselves and control the building in the future while they build the Lighthouse.

That statement screams thanks but no thanks on the Lighthouse, we'll renovate our own building someday and keep rights to the property to make even more money someday.

Reads kind of what we have been hearing for well over a decade.

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