Tired of Reading Isles must have Lighthouse

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/13/2009 12:52:00 PM |
I understand the politicians in favor of the Lighthouse like Tom Suozzi saying it makes no sense for a Coliseum renovation without the Lighthouse included, it's part of the political game here to get the entire project approved.

I want the project approved also because it makes the most sense for Nassau County with no money to renovate or replace the building and it looks like a great plan that will turn an ugly parking lot into a destination spot.

This game has gone on for well over a decade from Tom Gulotta's days where talk led to absolutely nothing where he even mentioned the team failing on the ice as an excuse to bury any effort to upgrade the Coliseum. Howard Milstein for all he was not offered to build a brand new facility in full by itself and still it got shot down by Nassau County.

Ten years ago this coming August this game was going on here with talk of new Coliseum's and development that never happened.

Someone should issue an anniversary pin.

Having written this the New York Islanders have been in business for over thirty five years on that property, until Nassau County turned their lease with Smg into a nightmare that even takes a portion of their gate they were able to support the league's largest payroll. I'm not suggesting John Pickett made big profits owning the Islanders at one time but they were able to give Mike Bossy a long-term deal and Bryan Trottier a ten year contract in an era players did not move around much in free agency.

The idea the New York Islanders should not be there if the project is not approved absolutely makes no sense. If Kate Murray and Tom Suozzi want to impress us they both should be calling for the Smg lease to be condemned immediately so the primary tenant can make enough revenue to keep the team functioning now and in the future.

Neither one of them want to talk Smg or take that kind of public stance. Thanks to Charles Wang all litigation ended when he became owner.

As for the Lighthouse if the project is turned down and Mr Wang decides he's had enough and wants to sell the hockey team, I expect him to get the best deal for himself but I also expect him to look at local ownership first.

I get the impression (which may be part of lobbying for the project) that Mr
Wang feels he must be the final Islander owner unless the Lighthouse is approved or if he cannot make it work no one else will ever get that chance.

This idea the New York Islanders cannot survive without the Lighthouse is one I do not accept.

Condemn the Smg lease and make the team more profitable on it's own. Msg got it's forever tax exemptions to stay in business back in the 80's and that was in a building less than fifteen years old.

There is always something that can be done to make the team more financially viable, a lot of teams in this league lose money and lots of it. A few folks told me they cannot get a sponsor for the building because it violates an agreement, if the future of the facility depends on it that may have to change.

Just ease up on telling us the future of the team depends on the Lighthouse and as for Kate Murray stop throwing out ten year old recycled excuses that only buys you more time to avoid doing anything.

Nassau County has had well over a decade to get a stimulus package to replace their own building. To throw that out now as the latest wait and see plan is an insult unless the Lighthouse is included in that.

I don't think it was.

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