Boston 6, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2009 05:42:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recap's 6-2 loss
to the Boston Bruins in Sunday's season finale.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is Scott Gordon going to keep taking about how much better the second half has been when his team goes 2-9-1 to close the season with more than a few games not on the competitive side?

It does not cancel out the thirty two games lost by one goal or an open net goal or how competitive the club was playing or all the injuries but this season did not close out well at all.

Someone's going to have to explain to me why Yann Danis is playing back to back here unless Joey MacDonald is hurt?

MacDonald has been back for weeks, his late Coliseum start? March 7th against the Devils in the best game of the season for New York. Every home game since has been Yann Danis regardless of circumstances.

Joey MacDonald for what's it worth is also a former Bruin.

Today's start made absolutely no sense and I wrote this part at the start of the game so it would not have mattered to me if Danis had a fifty save shutout, what would have happened today that management needs to know about Yann Danis at this point regardless how any goalie plays?

Obviously MacDonald on the fifth goal was terrible, but that's not my point here or today's scoreboard.

As for the game Boston skated like a team annoyed about their Saturday loss even with a lot of scratches while (Isles started their regulars) but the mistakes from the Isles and strong play by Boston were noticeable. Martinek got caught on the opening goal, a big rebound and Gervais was beat on the rebound for the 2-0 goal. I liked the pass in the first to Okposo in his wheelhouse with the powerplay which Tomas stopped. I'm not sure if the puck hit the official on Boston's third goal.

Bergenheim a very good setup on the powerplay where Weight feed him low and instead of shootout wheeled and tried to find a forward for an open net.

Richard Park no fault on him, he lifted the shot Thomas robbed him. Tim Jackman breakaway, no shot.

An even strength for Doug Weight, did not happen nearly enough.

What's an Islander game without one of their goalie's absorbing heavy contact with no call against.

Claude Julien's team came in here off a 6-1 loss and with a lot of scratches dominated and did not even have to work very hard themselves. Scott Gordon's team made a statement of it's own and it was not a very good one at all.

Kind of loss and effort if I own the team makes me question my coach and general manager.

Nothing like Msg+2/Time Warner cutting the coverage before the team leaves the ice or the coaches final press conference.

End of a very long and tough season for the New York Islanders and our fans.

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