Carolina 9, New York 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/07/2009 09:41:00 PM |
Associated Press: Has the recap of New York's 9-0 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes Tuesday night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What would you have me write folks that you did not see yourselves?

So that's what 30th place teams are supposed to look like at their worst?


I have seen the Islanders lose a lot of hockey games and be outclassed or simply lose 9-2, 9-1, 8-0 over the years and maybe worse. I have not seen many games where they outclassed themselves or pulled this big a collective no-show to this degree in all three zones.

Did they even generate one quality chance at Cam Ward or one sustained forecheck against a club they had a sixty shot game again and a four goal period in that building about two weeks ago? In a sixty minute game to have the calls and play have such a disparity is also very tough to accomplish.

All due respect to Carolina and their recent record, between the brutal defensive plays by the Islanders (you could drive a truck in that 1st period gap on that breakaway Danis actually stopped) with the turnovers and the terrible start by Yann Danis (who for some reason got a third start in a row?) a great deal of this was self-inflicted with every single call going to the other team which is unheard of in a sixty minute game.

It was not even like the Isles went looking for fights to turn the game around until the third period and a few shots were taken at Mark Streit.

Not much else to write, they could not keep the puck or control it in Carolina's end of the ice or set up anything, Bergenheim had a few rushes but took an offensive zone penalty in the third.

Joey MacDonald played well for his part, he had no help at all, why was Radek Martinek on the ice for twenty seven minutes under these circumstances?

Islanders did generate one nine second powerplay for their effort which was evened up.

I know in an eighty two game seasons teams have some terrible games and some big time clunkers, we saw the 9-2 game against Pittsburgh and that was competitive by comparison to this.

That was the kind of effort that gets a general manager and a coach fired with the team bag-skating from Carolina to Pittsburgh and not because of the scoreboard.

Of course what a shock Blake Comeau fractured his wrist, I guess there goes the one
Islander the fans here are most familiar with for Bridgeport's playoffs.

Could Cablevision at least in their constant spamming of Ranger scoreboard during our games at least give us updates on the teams that are relevant to the Islanders lottery chances?

Ok, we'll see what happens in Pittsburgh.

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