New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2009 08:38:00 AM |

I have made a final decision with regard to a closing date for NYIFC.

I will not be leaving NYIFC up for Bridgeport news updates unless more folks tell me they really are interested.

Unless something completely unforeseen happens the final day ever for this blog in terms of ANY updates will be Friday 4/17.

The NHL draft lottery is confirmed for 4/14 or two days after the regular season concludes.

The NHL lottery will be the final major event here as we will send this blog into history with a big part of the teams future determined in this lottery selection.

This will give us a short-time frame to wrap things up with the media coverage likely drying up quickly after 4/12 as the players will likely have gone their own ways by 4/17 the latest which is why I selected that date which is a Friday.

Shortly afterward I will set the blog to private or outright delete it. I can tell everyone I'm 99.9 percent sure I will not be reactivating it ever again.

Prospect blog will also be deleted/private in short order.

In terms of the blog box the Islanders were contacted and informed of our decision, not sure when/if they remove the link but hopefully it stays up until 4/17, if not you will have to bookmark if you want to read updates down to the end.

Thank You

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