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Paper transaction or otherwise Callahan, Bentivoglio, Smith and Rechlicz were returned to Bridgeport Friday who have a huge game against Hershey tonight but a very rare Saturday off with the Isles-Tampa game Saturday.

If Andy Hilbert cannot go and the same players are recalled with a Bridgeport game Sunday someone could potentially play four days in a row (it's happened before) unless Jack Capuano gives Robin Figren and now perhaps Matt Martin-Max Gratchev a chance to play with first or second place on the line or some ECHL players come up.

Anything can happen with this.

Newsday: Had a short token editorial blasting Kate Murray's petition for stimulus money to renovate the Coliseum.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Reads nice, no doubt it makes a few Islander fans happy but make no mistake Cablevsion owned Newsday has a huge financial gain in the New York Islanders leaving and if you don't understand this feel free to look at what happened in Hartford when the Whalers left combined now with hundreds of millions of cable revenue forfeit.

Lets see Newsday do an editorial on the front page the New York Islanders should never move anywhere and cover it like a major market team.

Their coverage over the years has contributed to the damage in the stands, that was not on Cablevision's watch.

Do those things, then I will change my thoughts, not before.

Point Blank: Mr Botta has comments from head coach Scott Gordon from last night that if Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit are healthy they will play with some other items on the playoff chase.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We'll see, that obviously did not apply to Andy Sutton. Nine days are left, the five games are important but not at the expense of anyone's health.

Telegraph Journal: Kevin Barrett reports former Islander assistant coach Gerard Gallant is interested in a job with the Saint John Sea Dogs in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League as he discussed not coaching this year after his late reassignment by the Islanders after Scott Gordon was hired.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Were we not told Gallant was re-assigned as a special consultant to GM Garth Snow
here? Ryan Kennedy has a feature on Columbus Bluejacker goaltender Wade Dubielewicz on mostly his run to the playoffs with the Islanders two years ago.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Why is is so hard to do an article with an interview and make such painfully obvious mistakes? The Islanders were not swamped by Buffalo with almost every game (aside from the opener Dubielewicz lost 4-1) decided by a goal, a video review or Ryan Miller's save on Satan in the final ten seconds.

The writer could not even get correct the Isles did not lose four games in a row.

Quick Hits:
* Funny how Scott Gordon could not survive a day earlier this season (even after wins) where the Isles had problems in the third period where he was not assaulted with questions about it. Now the Rangers have blown a ton of third period games under John Tortorella at the most critical time of the season and the Ranger media (aka fans) don't even bring up the subject or barely touch on it?

* Sure seems like the same local media is putting a lot more time covering the Devils free fall than Brodeur setting an all-tme the record, seems hypocritical but typical.

* So what's the deal with our pregame (not complaining about Tennis last night) do the Islanders have no video of our team recently so they have to used canned features from other teams now to fill the thirty minutes? Why not have Billy Jaffe or Howie Rose do some more interviews/round tables on the players/team if the Msg crew can go to Bayside.

* Any law going around the lockeroom after games for more comments after Gordon's presser? Isn't that why Stan Fischler, Butch Goring and C.J Papa are there?

* I cannot recall the NHL jumping on a team like they did Toronto with a whopping 500k fine and forfeited draft pick for a signing bonus to a player recently.

* If I'm going to use this space to blast Blues President John Davidson when his team was terrible, I have to also give him his due when his team turns things around because they have done an excellent job with a lot of injuries and adversity. My criticism of him always was more that he got a pass for the Blues losing and their mistakes while Garth Snow did not.

* So when they award the Masterson will it be for the player who had the best season on the ice or off of it? To nominate Mark Streit for this to me is a door prize for a player who deserved nothing less than a Norris Nomination knowing he should not win because a few other defenders had better years. Streit did not persevere to become an even better hockey player within the last year, he was a very good player already.

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