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Point Blank/Mr Botta: Reports in an exclusive with confirmation from the Islanders they have signed prospect Mark Katic to a three year entry-level contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted Katic because he was drafted in 2007 and plays in OHL had to be signed by 6/1 or he could have re-entered the draft.

Prospect Max Gratchev who was the fourth round selection in 2007 and is now in Bridgeport on a tryout contact also has to be signed by 6/1 or he can re-enter the draft.

Simon LaCroix drafted 7/196/2007 and plays in QMJHL has to be signed by 6/1 also.

The rest of the selections from that 2007 draft by New York are college prospects in the USHL and are unlikely to leave school at this time, until they do there is no deadline to sign them this year.

Sound Tigers website: Report Bridgeport on Wednesday have signed forward Ryan Duncan to an Amateur Tryout Contract, who won the 06-07 Hobey Baker Award. (as did Junior Lessard in 2004 who also currently plays for Bridgeport)

Duncan, as a senior at the University of North Dakota with 20-19-39 in 43 games.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in the Sound Tigers blog reports Duncan skated with Trevor Smith and Mike Iggulden at Wednesday practice among several updates. Scott Cullen reviewed all the NHL team's defenses and feels the Islanders need changes.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

A bit unfair here going through the injuries on Colorado, Tampa and several teams defenses but not even writing about the loss of Sutton, Meyer and a team that has had all it's defenders out for long stretches this season and never one full game together with it's starting goaltender. To simply just write about Brendan Witt's negative rating and not all the injuries is a surprisingly poor job by Mr Cullen.

This is what happens when someone tries to review thirty teams, things get missed.
* The Islanders supposedly fought for a pregame show earlier this year, they have one and before the Carolina game had absolutely nothing to show the fans besides a Brendan Witt feature taped 10/21 on ITV?

Is Msg restricting content or are things this bad they have no money to produce new features for a pregame with it painfully obvious they need filler from the opposition to fill out the twenty odd minutes?

I find it hard to believe they cannot get anything from the head coach before the game or Chris King-Steve Mears or simply let Billy Jaffe show highlights with a video chalkboard.

For those wondering Sound Tigers TV has pre-game, postgame and player/coach interviews. Is this some reason those highlights or features at cannot be put on the Islander pregame to show the young players as Doug Morrison used to do occasional during telecasts which we have not seen once all season.

* Anyone else find it ironic the Islanders take out the full page ads in Newsday and yet even in New York City where a Ranger backpage is almost unheard of only Cablevision owned Newsday today gave their product a full back over baseball in a paper that is not even sold in Manhattan?

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