Montreal 5, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2009 10:06:00 PM |
Associated Press: Has the recap of the Montreal Canadians 5-1 win against New York on Thursday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Not much to say on this one, tough night.

Sure seems like calls on being made on standings or reputation these days, Isles had not given up that many shorthanded in a game this year and all due respect to the Habs skill they got some bounces or deflections off Islanders for two of the goals.

Montreal was more impressive on the plays they did not finish.

Canadians scored a few nice goals in the second but without Halak being on his game early Isles have a few goals themselves. Thompson got a few chances, Nielsen one or two and Tambellini had an excellent game bouncing off players and creating chances beyond his nice shot for the only Islander goal.

You see Bailey feed Bentivoglio and out of the camera Jackman is getting called, then another at the start of the second for what looked marginal, that is not the Canadians talent taking over, that's the officiating.

Still, Isles only generated one goal in a game that was over basically by the half-way point.

Sure faceoffs did not help but they did not create some of the calls or bounces off Islanders that led to them. Danis had little help and Thompson for a second night was beaten down low for a goal against.

Would not be an Islander game without an injury, with Hilbert likely going out for the season.

Scott Gordon was furious behind the bench around the time Weight fought, loved the bench reaction to both Islander fights with the players supporting them.

Msg sure did spam that out of town scoreboard tonight, if Howie Rose wants to talk Rangers so much go cover their games, he seemed to lay it on a little thick tonight about the Canadian fans in the building.

No doubt the fans wanting one of those two picks got what likely had to happen.

I wanted a good Islanders effort and did not see much of it after the first ten minutes which was when they should have been most vulnerable.

Five games left, unless Colorado has a win or some points in them, Isles cannot gain more than five points.

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