Philadelphia 3, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2009 04:48:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recaps Philadelphia's 3-2 win over New York on Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A tale of two teams, one with a lot of young players surrounded by veterans who can all score, the other with a lot of young players developing with a few veterans who are not skilled finishers.

Game is on the line, final minute, timeout goalie pulled, here comes Park, Weight.

That's not why the Islanders lost today but call it what it is, one team has all those skilled twenty-thirty goal finishers and eventually they are going to make a few plays that will give them some momentum. The Islanders despite the very strong start where if they had the skilled finishers Philadelphia had it may have been 4-0 at the end of the first but at this time they don't.

Islanders put up a good effort today, they did look like a better team with Okposo in the lineup, they looked less skilled offensively without Joensuu and Igglden.

Isles early transition was excellent and they outskated the Flyers which led to Weight's pass to Bergenheim, without a few good saves by Biron Isles could have had a few more.

Second period Flyers drew a few powerplays, their skilled players finally got their shot where they need them which led to two powerplay goals even if the Knuble goal was more a play where Danis should have gotten a whistle.

Jackman got a goal off a broken play but that's not a goal a team builds off of, the Flyers came busting through the middle, made a skilled play and a shot the Islander collective lineup lacks made it 3-2 which was the story of this day and a tale of two teams.

Gervais surprisingly got beat inside twice for two goals.

Danis made a huge save in the third, he did not get the call on Knuble's goal, could he have saved the goals the Flyers scored, tough to say but if you wonder it's a fair question to ask.

Okposo did not look bad, being in the lineup does raise the teams skill level and coincidence or not they had a little more jump when he was on the ice and his backcheck was visible.

One more game tomorrow, by the time the game starts we will see if Boston could still have a chance to play for the President's Trophy.

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