So what did we miss Wednesday?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/01/2009 06:00:00 PM |
So what did we really miss Wednesday beyond the usual hysterics any time the Lighthouse group or the Town of Hempstead aka Kate Murray or anyone connected with the town issue any release?

Kate Murray already did the stimulus dance, now she issued a petition. Tom Suozzi took his shot at her with the usual political game on both sides.

Even Mr Botta back on 3/26 with the meeting " By far the most important Islanders event of the week - make that the decade - is Thursday at the Marriott "


NYI Fan Central Comments:
Kate Murray instead of being what she claimed her role was as a judge looking at all angle's (that's why she did not attend the pep rally?) now feels the Wang-Rechler development is holding people hostage to a point this supposedly impartial administrator started a petition here which of course puts it all on Wang to renovate Nassau's building while offering nothing besides him losing even more money for the privilege?

Mighty nice of her, apparently this is her anti pep-rally.

Again, if that's how she feels just release a statement saying she is not inclined to endorse this project. Instead she throws out this pathetic campaign that's designed to buy more time in years that goes nowhere after a good two decades trying to get the building renovated.

I find her conduct here hypocritical.

I saw the early TOH release and it was as incorrect as Newsday's 37 Billion figure in their article and insulting to New York Islander Fans getting the history wrong.

Tom Suozzi for his part in Newsday comes back with his usual insult at Kate Murray here while of course was not willing to give Wang-Rechler anything financial himself beyond his verbal endorsement of the plan.

If that's how Kate Murray feels, fine. Go get the money now to renovate the Coliseum and stop telling us what Charles Wang should spend immediately on a building he does not own and has no obligation to renovate.

Present to him a plan to make owing the Islanders profitable.

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