Tampa Clinches 29th with Colorado shootout loss

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2009 12:36:00 AM |
Colorado gained another point on Thursday losing in a shootout to Dallas here meaning Tampa clinched 29th place and the next best chance at winning Tuesday's lottery.

28 Colorado Avalanche 80 32 44 4 68
29 Tampa Bay Lightning 81 24 39 18 66
First tie-breaker is wins which Colorado wins.

Lottery percentages
TEAM-----% TO GET NO. 1
1 New York 48.1
2 Tampa Bay 18.8
3 Colorado 14.2
4 TBD 10.7
5 TBD 8.1

Teams in fourth and fifth can only move up in NHL final standings but above are the percentages of winning the first overall pick Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What's significant about Tampa finishing 29th is if you subscribe to the theory the Lightning will selected Victor Hedman (a defenseman) after drafting Steven Stamkos last year if they win the lottery and keep the pick.

Some articles out of Tampa suggest this will be the case but that means absolutely nothing until they actually draft him in June if they are in that position after Tuesday.

In theory (only if true about Tampa-Hedman) means Islanders winning a pick to select Tavares based on how the lottery balls bounce just went to 66.9 percent for Tuesday.

In theory anything can happen, including another team beating the odds and taking Tavares or Hedman.

Of course the best result is for the Islanders to control the top pick after Tuesday.

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