Update/Recap on Rick DiPietro

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Around the early portion of March I was wondering if anything new was going to be announced on Rick DiPietro because his six weeks-eight weeks of doing nothing but resting was up.

The Isles issued a brief release in March that was very much like the one Garth Snow said Monday.

Mr Logan had the DiPietro story in Newsday's coverage late Sunday, Dan Martin of the NY Post also reported this and had comments

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not a doctor and only know what's reported or announced by the Islanders and the general manager and we got our answer.

It's fair to speculate that unless DiPietro suffered a new injury at some point in it was determined he did need that additional surgery which would explain him being on crutches now. This was all on the table when it was announced in January even if surgery was something the doctor thought could be avoided.

In the end actions will speak louder than words but from day one the idea is to get him a hundred percent healthy regardless how long it takes. If the Islanders sign a number one goaltender from outside the organization this summer, it's obvious there are doubts about him being ready for camp and beyond.

As of now the gm says he is on target and will start skating in August, so we'll see.

One thing that can be written is between working his way back from injury and a year without pucks on almost a daily basis this is not going to be easy for any player to return from much less be a franchise goaltender from day one of camp.
Just to recap what was reported by the teams doctor and the club on his rehab at the time back on January 20th for those who see this as some kind of new and major setback.

Sorry but surgery (if it happened) was reported as possible back on 1/20.

On January 20th the Islanders announced Rick DiPietro's season was over and team doctor Elliott Hershman NY Times NY Daily News & Newsday.

Dr. Elliott Hershman, the team orthopedist, said that the 27-year-old DiPietro, who has played in only five games this season, would rest for six to eight weeks before doctors decided if he needed additional surgery.

According to Hershman, that process will take 6-8 weeks. At that point, a decision will be made regarding the next step. Since there is no ligament damage, Hershman said reconstructive surgery won't be necessary. But further surgery on the meniscus remains a possibility.

"At this time, we're not anticipating any further surgery but we're certainly following this knee to make sure that the inflammation and swelling does resolve on a more permanent basis so he is able to return fully".

It should also be noted it was reported DiPietro in January was sent to Dr. James Andrews, a noted orthopedist in Birmingham, Ala where he was in on the decision to shut him down for the season.

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