Washington 5, New York 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/01/2009 09:57:00 PM |
Associated Press: Recaps Washington's 5-3 win against New York on Wednesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
About as annoyed after a game as I have been since the early loss against Atlanta where they gave up that 3-1 lead, but this one is not about the Isles but the officiating.

Too many reputation calls. Like the other game a bad call was made early and Billy Jaffe said one players is a veteran, the other a rookie so the vet got the benefit of the doubt.

Do the quality of the calls now depend on the spot in the standings?

I see Joey MacDonald having players run him every other game with two knee injuries already and he absorbed more than his share of contact tonight but Jackman overpowers Poti, falls into Theodore and the goal by Bailey is not only disallowed but the Caps receive a power play that decides the game?

Spare me the Caps skill took over the third period, that call decided the hockey game.

I have also seen goals disallowed and coincidental contact with no penalty issued.

How does Rechlicz get four minutes in penalties jumping in after a Cap player instigated that scrum with with a big push?

Meanwhile the flying elbow on Hilbert by Mike Green is only good for a two minute charging penalty?


All I want is the calls consistent, if Hilbert hit someone like that we would have seen the automatic ejection, five minute powerplay and five game suspension with every Islander defending the league decision.

Now I guess we get to see how bad Okposo was hurt who returned to the bench but never the ice. McAmmond was sick so Isles may need two more players for Thursday.

Islanders made some big mistakes tonight but they also did a lot of good things on offense driving the net and skating. Okposo's goal on Streit's side of the ice (or his natural right wing side) may have been his first right side goal since that floater against Toronto/Toskala in the first Coliseum game.

Bailey made the goal with that screen.

Isles drove the net and made a lot of good plays, including the one off Nielsen's skate and Park making a great read for the goal that should have decided the game.

Considering the players out on defense the Isles hung in ok into the third before officiating gave the Caps the momentum.

Jose Theodore was a goalie waiting to get beat, Caps better be prepared to put up five or six with him in net or come playoff time they are going nowhere but home quickly. Okposo had a shot that hit Bailey in front and I have no doubt it was all that stopped it from going in.

Tambellini, Nielsen, Comeau all played well in this one.

Credit to Sergei Fedorov who skated like it was ten years ago and put that puck to an area for Ovechkin's goal where Thompson did not react. Joe Callahan played over ten games here, his turnover to another AHL player in Keith Aucoin cannot happen and was the first big mistake I have seen.

MacDonald was outstanding up to the point Green's game-winner got past him on what looked harmless. A few times he was under big pressure in the third.

Isles deserved a far better result tonight, don't mind losses because of the other team playing better which did not happen here.

Losing because of officiating bothers me, especially after the high stick on Jackman that drew blood but not even a power play at the end of the Flyer game.

Colorado continues it's free-fall shutout at home. Isles gain six points I highly doubt the Avs have another win/point in them.

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