The Perfect Job for Denis Potvin with Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/08/2009 06:20:00 PM |
Would be the second professional team sponsored blog along with Mr Botta.

I think Potvin with his Hall of Fame credentials along with someone who worked on broadcasts since 1993 as a member of the media would be an outstanding choice to do this job from Florida or New York any way he sees fit. He obviously has the media and player contacts along with vast hockey knowledge that would be great for past generations who saw him play and the current generation from his insights.

At this time with Billy Jaffe in the color analyst job there is not a spot for him and there is the time Butch Goring has done sideline commentary.

If I'm Chris Dey, Denis Potvin is someone I'm contacting immediately to add to Mr Botta outstanding efforts in a sort of an independent media blog box made up of professionals.

It will only help to supplement the lack of print media coverage. Potvin's criticism of the Panthers also makes him of great value because he has proven he will step up and write whatever needs to be written.

I see this as a perfect role for Potvin with the Islanders given his media and hockey background.

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