NYIFC Poll: If Taveres is a draft bust for Snow does the gm deserve the blame?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2009 06:30:00 PM |
Basically a worthless day so far on the professional media front regarding the draft or the Islanders (unless you are into the Canadian media getting Burke and Milbury to speak) so why not a one-time written poll entry?

No, I'm not going to let anyone get off easy here.

The majority seem to want John Tavares and most of the professional prospect sites have Tavares as the top overall prospect so let's put in out there that John Tavares will be a bust as a draft pick after he is taken by the New York Islanders on Friday.

Are you going to blame Garth Snow, Ryan Jankowski and the scouts if they make what many feel is the conventional pick in Tavares?

How many articles have you seen over the years blaming Bill Torrey for making a similar conventional pick in Dave Chyzkowski from 1989 who was second overall and is widely considered a draft bust.

If Snow does go with Tavares and he is a bust will you be willing to say he did what I would have done and give him the benefit of the doubt Bill Torrey received?

Myself? I would absolutely give Snow and staff the benefit of the doubt if Tavares is the Isles pick Friday and he becomes a bust in the end just as Bill Torrey received the benefit of the doubt.

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