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Check out the new ESPN Chicago, the place for your local Chicago sports coverage.

Almost comical reading how many problems off the ice the Chicago Blackhawks had this summer yet Espn's Scott Burnside who in the past would rip all over the New York Islanders in print spun the story late Friday to mostly write about how good the team was getting quotes from management and the players here.

Martin Havlat's comments apparently did not make this puff piece which would have been the only quotes Burnside had if it were about the Islanders besides the usual ten year history that apparently would not help ESPN Chicago so it was not included here.

Chicago is a franchise that makes the four playoffs in five season Islanders on and off the ice look like an NHL dynasty compared to how brutal Chicago has been for close to a decade. Stan Bowman was not even asked about Havlat's comments or about how Dale Tallon was fired, er reassigned by Burnside.

What's the reality?

Charles Wang does not have an Espn Chicago for his team and for Espn/Burnside to rip on the Hawks is not good for business so a summer that would have brought out the laughingstock tag for many NHL franchises by this writer in the past instead brought us quotes from management, players defending the Hawks and hyping their Stanley Cup status despite the circus like moves and off ice issues from management to players.

All about business folks for Espn Chicago and Scott Burnside journalist did a good job working like a member of the Hawks PR department and the Espn Chicago sales department.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia we have former Inquirer and long time Flyers writer Tim Panaccio blaming Mike Babcock for the latest Simon Gagne groin injury here and then goes on to note how the Senators media is giving Dany Heatley the Yashin treatment.

Seems like every team but the New York Islanders has people in the professional media willing to sell the product.

Fear not folks, if Heatley becomes a New York Islander (and approves such a deal) our local media will be killing Charles Wang and Garth Snow for adding a player of such questionable character however if he was traded to the other local NHL team the same media will be blaming the Senators daily for how he was mishandled and telling Heatley's story.

Not hitting this too hard but if Nikita Fliatov's comments were accurate in translation he did not sign with a KHL team (despite a signed NHL contract) as long as he is given NHL playing time Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski made the right decision not to draft him.

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