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Friday's test code is a new ice background for something I'm working on elsewhere but for some hockey filler just to write anything I found it funny the Canadian/Toronto media did not go hard after Leafs owner Richard Peddie's deposition which Jim Balsillie wanted from the league which the judge in Arizona is not going to allow.

Mr Balsillie also wants team finances going back several years including how several teams in one market apparently do in ticket sales, revenue and not just worthless Forbes estimates which you can bet means New York market.

Why do I have the feeling if Mr Balsillie wanted Wang's deposition the Canadian or Leaf media would be relentless and tell us about the Isles struggles on the ice, the Jacobs family in Boston got a little rip job from the Canadian writers too, but not the Leafs after forty plus years without even appearing in a final?

These publishes/editors/writers know who pays the bills up there and provide advertising and you can bet the Leafs are one big reason such a move will not happen which all these writers are crying for as they bash the Arizona market daily, so why not put some blame on Richard Peddie.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Seems those Long Island papers Friday had some serious opposition to the Lighthouse, questioning EIS on water despite seemingly daily floods all over New York, size of project and scaling back things and how other businesses are already hurting for customers. One paper the other day asked how much is the current empty parking lot hurting the drainage system?

I never knew a barren parking lot was considered suburbia by so many.

When the public comment period ends after Monday then things will really get down to business because there is nothing left for TOH but to sit down with Wang-Rechler and what if anything they will have to do for approval or is that hundred foot high wall that has killed every plan for twenty years about to come into view?

If that happens I don't want to hear anything from Tom Suozzi but how the taxpayers now pay for an Smg buyout immediately and a brand new Nassau Coliseum plus an announcement this team will never be moved regardless of who owns it. NYC in the early eighties gave Msg an eighteen million dollar exemption (about triple both teams payroll back then) and tons of perks like low-cost electricity for the Garden to keep their teams from moving. NYC handed the Yankees and Mets millions/billions for their ballparks with permanent revenue streams and full ownership of the facilities.

Either Tom Suozzi get's this project approved or taxpayers pay up and he breaks the bad news.

Talk has been cheap since he took office and he let this sit for years before and after a developer was selected. He can blame Tom Gulotta or anyone he wants but it's his job now to make the New York Islanders a business that can have a chance to be profitable for whoever owns this hockey team in the future and solve this problem if he cannot get LH approval or the TOH in line.

It got solved in Pittsburgh so it can be solved here with no Lighthouse.

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