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New York Islander Fan Central | 8/08/2009 08:32:00 PM |

Enough folks have e-mailed and asked if they can continue to view both blogs or subscribe to the pages on private/restricted so I have been going back and forth with the settings for a week and I'm very sorry about that.

A few times I did not even remember what settings I left the pages on because I always see the pages anyway as owner.

I intended to keep NYIFC private for myself just to follow the team (among other things and even offered it to someone else outright without my involvement) but if folks want to see the pages here this much I will leave it visible but please understand upfront I will not be updating beyond what I would have done to keep the page updated for myself like keeping feeders working. I sometimes post links to articles I want to check out for myself when I have time.

I appreciate the very kind e-mails but as I said in my last audio entry I feel it would be disingenuous to continue this blog that would make anyone think I intended to do this into 2009-10 so that's the disclaimer for anyone who is expecting anything beyond viewing the pages from here on or if I suddenly just hit the delete key anytime before or after opening night.

I altered my final decision somewhat to keep the blog entirely private because enough folks asked but this is all I can do or promise and things will not be done as announced temporarily back on 6/3 entry which was for a short period of time only before audio entries took things in another new unexpected direction which I always maintained was an experiment that could end at any time.

The good news is I love adding new codes, script and HTML so blogger (specifically NYIFC) is a great platform to experiment and helps me with other things I am working on. I put in a drop down menu here this week for the Islanders quick access at the top of the page.

This also means you will view this page as an insider as I make changes and experiment with things I intended to do privately for other projects which means the page look will be altered a lot and not with NYIFC or hockey as the priority any longer.

Having written this I again thank everyone for their overwhelming support and appreciate the kind words.

Sorry I cannot do more.

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