LI Press Source: Wang pulls plug on LH

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/14/2009 05:41:00 PM |
Long Island Press (not business news as I twittered) reported that a source claims Wang has pulled the plug on the LH project here despite no confirmation or comment from Mr Wang, Rechler, Picker, Lancey or anyone in the TOH or Nassau County government.

Newsday: Reported despite the majority wanting the project, Kate Murray Tuesday commented "the town board is taking the time to do it right and she supports reasonable development around the Coliseum."

Newsday: In one district race it appears LH does appear to be along party lines whether it be coincidence or not.

NYIFC Comments:
Nothing to say until it's confirmed or denied either way and as we know sources can sometimes be incorrect or very misleading. Political football, pressure on politicians or Wang-Rechler have had enough, take a number and get in line because all that matters is what actually happens. My estimation right now is only deadline most politicians care about is election day and their own future.

We'll see.

Mr Wang is stuck in his binding leases with the County, Smg until 2015 and is only in a position to sell the club at this time to someone else who must keep the club here until 2015.

Only thing that has been consistent is as information is filtered down more and more misinformation comes out of it to where very little of what we read is correct.

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