Islander News Articles Available? Yes & No

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/11/2009 06:11:00 PM |
Updated: Sorry folks, the Newsday pdf is only a preview of their pay subscription article.

Updated Thursday 11/12/09
: The Islanders did update this page again, Newsday's complete game article was included with AP/Washington Times/Post coverage.
The Islanders website has at times in the past has collected a digest of articles from local and sometimes out of town papers/websites and placed their links on one page as NYIFC used to do.

Our daily articles here covered everything possible that could be found across North America that was New York Islander related.

On Wednesday 11/11 the Islanders website released a pdf file of several articles including Newsday's pay subscription content (not blog entries) entitled in the media.

Some may recall the day before news of Cory Witt's departure broke on his blog he announced his intention to do this daily for our fans here.

A lot of downside to this because even though it's technically an 11/11 update the articles are a few days old or from the night before. It did not include anything from the Ct Post as NYIFC has in it's media sidebar or blog entries from Mr Fornabaio.

It may not mean anything moving forward or just a one day thing, it depends how dedicated the folks assigned to do this are to getting articles to the public and what they are allowed to reprint in terms of copyrighted material or when but I felt it worth a blog entry so you could be informed.

I can tell you in the past the Islanders website has been spotty with doing these updates daily. I have no idea obviously what they will do moving forward.

New York Islander Fan Central will under no circumstances link to Newsday content as long as it forces anyone to pay any kind of subscription fee if this blog ever returned to a daily articles format as in the past.

NYIFC has the media feeds in the sidebars from all newspapers as reference but that's about all that will be done beyond linking a few articles (not Newsday) in twitter updates.

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