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10-3-1, that's what it took to even bother writing this post for a club that was four games below five hundred.

I did not see it coming (much less dominating games) considering the lack of scoring combined with not being able to string together any back to back wins for well over a month. You factor in the schedule they had to face plus where Isles are in so many league stats as a team there was nothing to build off of.

But here we are and every fan of this team should be thrilled.

I have no idea what happens from here but for now we keep doing the math and hope the balanced scoring, strong defensive play (this is with Andrew MacDonald and Jack Hillen doing a fantastic job among others) plus hot goaltending continues as DiPietro gets out of training camp mode. Things are going to change with the standings daily a lot so best thing to do is look at big picture as to what the New York Islanders have to do.

Thirty one games left, sixty two available points. New York has fifty four points.

Eleven games until the Olympic break/NHL trade deadline.

From where I see things it's going to take ninety five points which means from this point forward Isles need forty one of sixty two available points to reach ninety five.

Or some combination of 20-10-1.

Needless to write a lot of work ahead and no hiding from finally beating the Flyers and other clubs in this division. No such thing as an easy game for any team in this league. Carolina/Toronto can jump up and beat any club on a given night that is not working hard.

Isles can play with and secure points against top level clubs, they have to do it against everyone else.

I expect the scoring to dry up as it did earlier with different players going hot and cold but they seem to have four lines capable of finishing, they do not have the luxury of an enforcer or even dressing one if they had such a player.

As I wrote last time, look at it in three game segments, six points are a huge swing now. To go beyond that or declare the Isles will be there come the break is jumping way too far ahead.

But at this time, enjoy because this team is absolutely in contention and they have earned their spot.

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