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New York Islander Fan Central | 4/20/2010 06:29:00 PM |
For the most part a quiet day on the news front (beyond Travis Hamonic being named player of week in WHL) regarding the Islanders or the Bridgeport playoffs vs Hershey, so I let the sidebars do the updates.

Bears coach, Mark French will likely start goaltender Michal Neuvirth in goal for game five.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had an interview with Mikko Koskinen, who could be Jack Capuano's stater.
THN.com: Adam Proteau in criticizing Roberto Luongo's poor play and long contract, could not help including what he writes is Rick DiPietro’s " boondoggle of a 15-year deal with the Islanders, might soon serve as a cautionary tale to other NHL general managers ".

NYIFC Comments:
DiPietro's contract might " soon " serve as a cautionary tale? He signed the contract in September 2006 and since then owners are giving these contract out front loaded?

In the past I was very critical of Adam Proteau's coverage, I could care less that he is critical of Roberto Luongo or his play in goal for the Canucks. What a lot of folks like Mr Proteau don't get or are too lazy to research is Rick DiPietro did not receive a front-loaded contract from the Islanders as Luongo did from Vancouver.

Luongo will be paid ten million dollars next season here. What Mr Proteau fails to report are subsequent players were signed to the same kind of contract as Luongo which the league is investigating here.

These are the players that Mr Proteau should be making his comparisons with because they all received front-loaded contracts, not DiPietro.

Rick DiPietro's contract pays him a straight 4.5 million dollars each year until it ends. Roberto Luongo in 2010-11 will make two plus years of what DiPietro will receive.

Why is it so hard for writers like Mr Proteau to bring up DiPietro but fail to explain the significant contractual differences when article after article tells us these deals are front-loaded and far different?

Or does he just see this as the latest opportunity to take another kick at the Islanders goaltender?

Lot's of NHL players making big money/front-loaded contracts struggling in this league to be written about, meanwhile EspnChicago is out selling the Blackhawks Marian Hossa with his 12-year, $62.8 million contract, who has no points so far in two home games against Nashville.
Msg tonight: Golden Gloves Boxing repeats.
Msg+ tonight: Devils playoff hockey.

Let's keep those Devil playoff ratings as low as possible with media coverage. Is anyone ever going to break down the drastic differences are as to what an Msg/Msg2/Msg+ or Msg+2 appearances does for a local ratings?

This is why the Rangers are kicked to Msg2/+ for the Msg franchise team in the Knicks (forget standings/record) and the Isles bumped (on twenty four hours notice) for the Rangers.

It should be very easy to do an article with the rating breakdown/disparity for each station for every team and game played, it just requires a little extra work.
Newark Star Ledger via NY Times: report Gannett New Jersey newspapers are using a New Jersey Devils team employee, not an employee of the Newspaper to write game articles to improve coverage in this area of New Jersey for the club.

NYIFC Comments:
Interesting, and a good idea by the Devils and these papers to increase coverage/interest/ticket sales while providing print space but some double-talk by the editor in saying " If the Devils were involved in a serious controversy, the papers would not publish an article about it supplied by the team " which begs the question isn't all coverage serious?

The New York Islanders cannot get the professional media from the city papers to blog or cover most of the games, a few years ago I suggested the club pay for the writers room/board and let them travel with the club in exchange for coverage space.

Islander media team employees are in short supply as is space in the Daily News, Post and Times and these papers are not Gannett/New Jersey family of papers, however it could pressure the clubs to produce writers as more and more hockey coverage is reduced by newspaper sports editors.

This could also mean Cablevision-owned Newsday would respond by eliminating all New York Islander coverage.
Quick clarification on last night's entry from some e-mails I have received.

1. I am not an insider in any way and NYIFC is an amateur fan blog, nothing more.

If you read my entry and now consider this site some kind of insider resource you would be completely mistaken. My information/view point are based on what has been reported over several years in newspapers by the professional media.

2. Only Charles Wang and Scott Rechler know where they stand in terms of their business relationship, my comments/speculation had to include both countless times which is why it read Wang/Rechler.

Charles Wang is the only reported owner of the New York Islanders which is the only time I could separate them in what was written.

It is not my business or anyone's whether these men continue to work together, if it's a condition of the Memorandum of Understanding that named them co-developers for this project to move forward that they must work together we will have our answer in due time to this question.

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