Charles Wang vs Other Teams Not Offering Front Loaded Contracts

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I was going through the NHL teams that do not offer front-loaded contracts today, and wanted to ask this question because all I read is the usual, no top free agent will sign here mantra.

This begs the question what top free agents have signed anywhere, without that infamous front-loaded contract?

Granted Garth Snow brought some of this on himself, saying a few years ago the arena is one factor that came in in negotiations which many re-interpreted and made much more of.

Marian Hossa, left Pittsburgh, and signed a one year contract for 7.8 million with Detroit, before leaving for Chicago, and his twelve year deal (front-loaded) worth 62.8 million while he was injured.

That is the last time a top player,entering UFA, did not sign a front-loaded deal in this CBA.

What has Garth Snow not offered in contract negotiations like other clubs when the words front-loaded contracts are not part of negotiations? I don't see other teams who have signed top players to contracts unless they were on that team and most of those are front-loaded.

The contract Buffalo matched from Edmonton to retain for Thomas Vanek was heavily front-loaded.

New Jersey signed Patrik Elias to somewhat of a front-loaded deal in 2006 but he still has to play his final three years to make his five million each season. Jamie Langenbrunner's 5-year, $14 million dollar contract is somewhat on par with Trent Hunter's five year, ten million dollar contract.

In July 2007, Dainius Zubrus, signed a 6-year $20.4 million dollar deal with the Devils, which was a terrible signing and heavily criticized at the time.

Sergei Gonchar signed a 5-year, $25 million deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins in Aug 2005 for a club built of UFA that cost gm Craig Patrick his job, which is similar to the contract Snow signed Mark Streit to given today's market vs talent disparity/expectation of each player at time they signed.

Marc Savard: Seven year extension with Boston was heavily front-loaded.

The list of front-loaded contracts and now teams trading for players failing under those contracts (after highest part of salary having already been paid-Scott Gomez/Ryan Smyth), so who is signing top line talents to contracts in this league as UFA where Charles Wang or Garth Snow has failed to do the same?

I just don't see it. Comrie, Guerin, Weight, Sutton, Witt (resigned) Hunter, along with Sillinger (under Neil Smith) all signed here. Before that Hamrlik, Yashin, Peca, Scatchard, Parrish and Aucoin all resigned as RFA.

Even Jason Blake's, 5-Years, $20 million was slightly front-loaded at $5 million, $4.5 million, and $4.5 million before Anaheim took the remainder of his contract in a trade.

As far as this team the last few summers, I have seen a roster set up mostly before July 1st with few available spots.

You want to criticize the general manager or owner for not signing/spending on Alex Tanguay or inviting Max Afinogenov with his eight goals last year to camp, fair enough, but there were questions about both players. You can add letting Satan go unsigned with his nine goals in thirty eight games for Boston to the list if you want.

Add in Doug Weight's re-signing, along with Tim Jackman, those are fair game for not signing a younger UFA with some scoring upside, or even bringing back Jon Sim vs a spot for a signing.

It's a question some will have if Brendan Witt is not brought back to the NHL, as his cap hit sits on the club's books along with Yashin. (maybe DiPietro)

I'm just not seeing where as an owner Charles Wang is failing to pay players when the contracts are not front-loaded.

If that's the case, there are about twenty teams or more in the exact same boat, that simply lose their pending UFA or top players to a front-loaded contract.

If I'm wrong, let me know.

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