D'Amato In LI Herald Supporting Casino, Not LH

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LI Herald: Former Senator, Al D'Amato on Thursday, personally writes a three page article on the merits/benefits of a Shinnecock Nation Casino over the Lighthouse, and includes: " For six years, real estate developer Charles Wang, has been pressuring elected officials from the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County to authorize this $3.7 billion project."

" Six years ago our economy was in much better shape. It might have been possible to finance the project and fill 36 stories of office space. Now, regardless of the developer, it’s impossible. Even though the commercial realty market has been creeping back, the current market would not be able to sustain such a grand endeavor."

NYIFC Comments:
Who does this man think he is kidding?

A week after he is visiting Ed Mangano, and now is writing articles in favor of a Casino, supporting mass transit, and against the LH.

In 2005, he was ripping the LH, calling it " the sixth borough of NYC, " and knocked the sixty story tower, as a "non-sense" plan back then.

Charles Wang and Scott Rechler won an open bidding to develop that land, if Nassau County did not want to award them the bid, they were under no pressure to accept them as developers vs other competing bids.

Nassau County/TOH were/are under pressure to renovate or replace, Nassau County's Coliseum.

Tom Suozzi, was honest enough to make it clear long ago Nassau did not have the resources to renovate or replace the Coliseum, long after Charles Wang bought the team.

I'm no historian on Long Island economy, but even I remember where Nassau was financially during the Tom Gulotta administration with it's bond ratings. During the exact same time, Al D'Amato was lobbying Charles Wang to purchase the New York Islanders.

How nice of the former Senator to throw in the hockey team as something important in this article a few times, but I'm not buying, I suggest no one else does either.

He pulled this exact same act over a decade ago.

Silence is deafening from that TOH impartial judge, Kate Murray.

All seems designed to make Wang-Rechler walk away on their own, so Nassau/TOH are held blameless.

Shinnecock Nation should take a long, hard look at the history of Nassau County/TOH politics, along with Al D'Amato's conduct which Tom Suozzi.com linked to the Newsday article last year regarding the former Senator, and his part in this.

D'Amato whether he knows it or not just made Mangano's job much harder to sell what he is trying to do as credible.

Bottom line:
Whether it be Wang/Suozzi, Shinnecock Nation or someone else, they are financing their own projects.

Nassau, and TOH, cannot afford to pay for anything, a little fact missing far too often in this process.

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