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AP: Has a few words from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the Islanders relocating to Queens, who apparently did not know Charles Wang's name despite his radio station airing the teams hockey games for a few seasons.

Mr Bloomberg's former deputy mayor, Daniel Doctoroff, according to the NY Times had a small stake in the club for a while.

NYIFC Comments:
Apparently Newsday has a new end game to force Charles Wang to speak, go to the people he would be exploring all his options with, and ask them for comment. The Mets, Jeff Wilpon has obliged, he will likely not be the last.

Too bad hockey games did not get this kind of extensive coverage at Newsday, much less the front page. If Cablevision/Newsday pulled this on the owner of Msg, my speculation is it would not have been approved for publication.

Seems this end game once again also includes, looking for fan comment, critical of the club, while Newsday employees not dare ask the public what they think of Garden management.

Different rules for different owners at this paper now.

No gang, Michael Bloomberg and the City are not going to be used against Ed Mangano/Nassau or Kate Murray/TOH, they will want a commitment.

Will Mr Mangano do his Tom Gluotta impersonation NY Times because for now, he has not said the New York Islanders are not going anywhere on his watch.

And he needs to say it.

Where I sit, Nassau County after close to forty years should finally pay for something to make this team self sustaining off the ice. This team is a public trust and should be treated as such. Every other municipality in New York, and New Jersey have been provided taxpayer money (bonds) to give teams new stadiums/arena's or tax breaks (low cost electricity/exemptions) to keep from relocating.

It's time for Nassau County and TOH to do the same thing.

Bottom line, Charles Wang has every right to sell his hockey team to anyone he wants.

This game has gone on now for close to twenty years come next March NY Times. I have gone over the significant problems at Willets Point several times here. Whether Wang, Rechler, Wilpon or all three own the club someone has to pay for an arena, win a bid against several potential developments, plus survive a very ugly eminent domain fight against generation business.

NYC will not be using taxpayer bonds this time to finance anything.

A soccer stadium in the area is a more feasible financial alternative considering the demographics/cost to run a hockey club vs a soccer team.

This is something that will take the rest of the Isles current lease in Nassau to build, regardless of who owns the club.

No doubt the gamesmanship, whether Charles Wang (or Scott Rechler) likes it or not will continue in the media.

AP: Actually had one of it's writers refer to Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, as a "storied arena" recently.

NYIFC Comments:
Story is Joe Louis Arena, looks like Devils former home from the outside and is a dump on the inside, that had problems selling tickets to playoff games.

Nothing like spin to sell an arena's perception to the public.
Apparently Wednesday's loss to Finland eliminates the US from medal contention, after a very ugly 0-3 against three very beatable teams. Denmark beat the US and lost it's exhibition giving up eight goals a week ago.

Regardless of roster, this is not a good week for Team USA Hockey/Scott Gordon or the players, with it's worst showing since 2003 so far.

Switzerland beat Canada 4-1 today. Denmark lost Wednesday.

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