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New York got the wild card at 65 in Kirill Kabanov, with his ITV Interview from Los Angeles. Have comments from Kirill Kabanov and general manager, Garth Snow.

Updated: Adam Kimelman, ahas comments from Islanders Quebec scout, Mario Saraceno, the Islanders' Quebec scout who advocated for Kabanov at the draft table on the club looking this year for top-six skill level with some size, along with the two first rounders. This article also includes Garth Snow, and Kirill Kabanov's comments.

New York Draft Picks:
65-Kirill Kabanov
82-Jason Clark with his ITV interview at the draft.
95-TRADED TO COLUMBUS (Isles trade #95 pick to Colorado or Columbus for 2011 third round pick)
125-D Tony DeHart.
155-160: TRADED TO ATLANTA (Islanders trade #155 and #160 to Atlanta for a 2011 fifth round pick)
185-Cody Rosen, goaltender, Clarkson ECAC.

The Islander website now has interviews and recap of selections being made from day, so I took down video from Friday night.

NYIFC Comments:
Once again, I will not attempt to play draft expert.

It takes years find out if the right selections were made. Indirectly or inadvertently perhaps, they sent a little message to Kirill Petrov/agent with this pick, even though he is coming to summer camp.

Regardless Kabanov is an excellent gamble in round three, and not tied to another KHL team.

I will add perhaps, Garth Snow/staff had a few words with former assistant, Danny Flynn before making this pick, but from here it's up to Kabanov.

I'm not going to mislead anyone, I did not really follow his story so I don't know, all I can write is he has now been drafted by an NHL organization. If he wants to earn a professional contract, part of his learning process will be to conduct himself with professionalism.

Aside from that some felt the club, needed a top defenseman, they only got one later and moved three other selections, for picks next summer or a possible trade in the coming days/weeks.

You know going in, I felt they needed a draft with some big forwards and I explained why, but what I think means absolutely nothing because again I'm not in Bridgeport watching the prospects develop or what management thinks of the progress of some players.

Tony DeHart is an overage player from OHL, who played two games in Springfield, so he may have to be signed and brought immediately to Bridgeport on a roster with several players locked into spots, including Anton Klementyev, he seems to be out of options in the CHL.

Garth Snow did not have a lot of luck out of Clarkson with his other two selections, and who knows why another goaltender given depth but it is a seventh rounder, who likely on paper replaces Jase Weslosky.

They did draft some taller players on a depth chart that needed them.

Aside from that, ask me in five years for most of these selections, we're still wondering about Bergenheim, Comeau, Nielsen, Tambellini.

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