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I seem to write this every summer, but it absolutely applies when 7/1 begins, if you want to add, you have to subtract.

For those expecting five UFA to be signed on 7/1, that's not realistic because of the front-loaded contracts required, and the roster depth currently in place.

Many of the possible replacements for Jon Sim, Richard Park, Tim Jackman and Freddy Meyer, have already played here.

I would expect all of last years Islanders will be qualified aside from Jeff Tambellini.

Updated 6/29:
Add Bergenheim to list of not qualified.

Bottom line, depth chart does lie, not many spots available.

You want to make the case, it's time to move Nielsen, Hunter Comeau, Martinek, or Bruno Gervais, fair enough.

But you cannot sign their replacements first.

If they follow same strategy with Niederreiter as Bailey or Tavares, and bring him directly into the NHL that extra right wing spot is locked.

Depth Chart

xxxxxx-Schremp-Weight (if agreement in principal becomes contract)

Martin, Gillies, Joensuu, Figren, Marcinko, Rakhshani, Petrov, Kabanov, Niederreiter, Rechlicz, Trevor Smith, David Ullstrom. (did I miss anyone?)


Katic, Kohn, Reese, deHaan, Harmonic, Witt, Klementyev, Flood, DeHart, Wotton.

Dustin Kohn requires a one-way contract to retain his rights, he's a 2nd round pick.


Hopefully a few folks read this and understand five big dollar UFA are not being signed here (unless there are trades first) because there is no place for them, and it has nothing to do with money (even front-loaded) or the age of the Coliseum.

If they want to add from outside they have to subtract, if Garth Snow is going to make a trade so he can add or sign someone, this week is the time he likely has to do so.

Absolutely his roster has to get bigger, with more speed and production, but that may come down to some very tough choices or he does it from within.

They did not sign all these prospects, not to give them a real chance to play here, players like Figren, Marcinko, Joensuu were high selections.

You want to pay a Mark Eaton, Anton Volchenkov (at five million) or bring back Andy Sutton so Travis Harmonic or Calvin deHaan, have no shot to make this team out of camp?

I do not.

How about the next Guerin, Satan so Niederreiter, or one of the players listed above have no shot?

Only spots that should be made for veterans are ones who can put the puck in the net, and bring skills/size/speed lacking.

I moved the draft section down the page, updated the prospect blog, and created an UFA section. At this time, I'm not sure I will be blogging on 7/1 or even using twitter.

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