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NYIFC will have full coverage of the 2010 entry draft for the New York Islanders this weekend.

The bulk of the entries will be on Saturday because the club has nine selections at this time, unless a trade/transaction is made on Thursday or Friday.

The crawl has been temporarily added back to the blog during this time w/updated selections, as they are made. The prospect blog will be updated with profiles on new selections at some point next week. Links to major draft sites and live sites to follow draft are added to sidebar.

No point linking to a lot of worthless, professional media speculation who's projections have the club picking among at least four players, unless General Manager Garth Snow or Asst Gm, Ryan Jankowski are quoted, it's of little value.

As I wrote a while back, despite always subscribing to the best player available thinking, this singular year I do feel the club needs to settle on another forward given prospect depth on back-line, combined with a lack of "statistical" progression from Robin Figren, Tomas Marcinko, Jesse Joensuu, Justin DiBenedetto, Matt Martin, along with the other forward prospect depth currently in Bridgeport.

This can change very quickly, and progression can be measured many different ways, by professionals working with these players, not by fans like myself watching game, or reading articles.

The twitter feed for professional media here, has added a lot of coverage. I will try and filter out those feeds less hockey-centric, or writers assigned other sports. Non hockey centric ads or amateur fan updates from Islanders twitter will no longer be included on right sidebar of NYIFC.

As written recently, I will not attempt to become a prospect expert. I will give you links to professional media on the players drafted, with quotes from New York Islander professional scouting staff on each selection, along with some past background articles. The CSB/Tsn/Kyle Woodlief/professional services have been available for a while, with special link to Isles Draft Central page.

As always, the professional media is the only standard for coverage here.

Early next week, I will be unavailable for most of Monday and likely for a good part of Tuesday and this could extend longer. If the Islanders do not release a list of players qualified before the 6/28 deadline, I will have to catch up at a later time, it should be noted one paper now list this deadline as 6/30, however that's not what Tampa Bay website listed.

During the weekend, I will also attempt to put together a free agent section for 7/1 on the sidebar, and will try and add something with live free agent updates.

It should be noted because NYIFC is no longer a full-time, year-round blog, we are not accepting comments beyond e-mails. NYIFC twitter feed is active, usually daily, and folks are always welcome for respectful hockey discussion.

As written previously there will be no announcement with regard to the future of this blog, regardless of what is eventually decided for 2010-11.

Thanks to everyone for their outstanding support of New York Islander Fan Central.

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