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Congratulations to the Chicago BlackHawks for winning the 2010 Stanley Cup. Islander prospect David Toews brother wins the Conn Smythe, so it should be a fun summer in their home.

As a fan who grew up believing the Stanley cup had a permanent home here, it's always been strange to see other teams with what I felt was the New York Islanders Stanley Cup.

I think it's time the road trip for the cup end, next summer.

All due respect to any of the clubs but the parity in the NHL suggest any team that gets hot can win now, that can change very quickly too.

Yes folks, the Isles did have a top record against the West and beat all the top clubs in the East. No reason it could not have been our team tonight, but there are fans of about twenty eight other teams that can write the same thing.
My guess is things are going to get very busy on restricted free agent front, and perhaps the trade front for Garth Snow, with several other clubs now that finals have concluded.

First class job from Isles website with draft updates/future channel, plus access to prospect game at Coliseum in July.

For older generation no fan got to walk on that floor where Coliseum ice is, or see the lockeroom in the incredible days of this franchise. 50,000 people would have showed up long ago to stand where Nystrom, Morrow, Tonelli scored those memorable goals, or Bossy's 50 in 50.

Something no one today should ever take for granted.
Ironic on this day, after all those NYIFC blog entries that Charles Wang needed an Espn Zone (like Chicago) to down play countless front-office mistakes Disney will be closing several of those Espn-Zone facilities, including New York, Chicago and Washington.
Neil Best of Newsday wrote Wednesday night, after the finals concluded which was edited off Cablevision-owned Newsday mobile site within minutes:

Several markets in addition to Chicago and Philadelphia have seen big ratings increases, topped by an 80 percent rise over last year in Kansas City, which has been mentioned as a possible future home for a certain Long Island-based team.

NYIFC Comments:
Not very classy Mr Best, and completely unnecessary. So much for Editor Debbie Kreneck or sports editor Hank Winnicki's policy on coverage.

Two Florida markets had higher ratings than New York City for the NHL finals as well as several markets without an NHL outlet. Stick to selling Lebron/Garden renovations for your employer.

Of course, there is always researching the damage to ratings an Msg2 or Msg+2 game has vs an Msg or Msg+ game, so we get a true barometer of local hockey ratings?

Mr Best full comments are in the newsstand version of Thursday's paper.
I lost all respect, and very disappointed NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, selling Garden (building four years older than Coliseum) with that infomercial for LeBron James?

I cannot improve on Daily News Bob Raissman's comments, despite the sad DN sales campaign for Lebron James themselves, so let me get my NYC 2012 Olympic shirt out.
Now that we know the New York Islanders can relocate anywhere in NYC, I'm hoping developer Steven Roth gives Charles Wang a call NY Times because the NY Americans were the original hockey team at Msg, and like NJ football teams can share facilities.
I received two e-mails on Scott Rechler.

My personal take is what I wrote earlier, only Mr Rechler knows where he stands on the LH/Smg sublease/Marroitt control, or if he is still interested in any version of a LH project. I wrote about his recent purchase in Manhattan, which the NY Times 6/9 notes, it could be a sign he spent his LH money, it could also be completely unrelated.

Bottom line, Mr Rechler is entitled to do whatever he wants, and a vote on full project submitted last fall, he is not a hockey team owner.

Regardless of what happens, like Mr Wang he deserves everyone's thanks for all the meetings and the time/millions he invested to bring the LH vision to the public, and no doubt I am badly understating his effort along with Mr Wang.

My hopes is if there are negotiations or a scaled down LH project being worked on behind the scenes, they are done entirely with no media reports or comments from anyone involved. For the money Mr Wang-Rechler have spent, they should at least respect Mr Wang's request of not doing negotiations in the media.

I hope for the announcement of an agreement to construct a project that works for everyone involved.
To be honest, I only saw the picture in Chicago media of Chris Pronger Wednesday night after game six concluded, because I have not followed the finals that close.

The lack of class and professionalism from folks who are paid to set the example for fans is very disappointing, and not what credible media coverage should represent.

No shock the Flyer professional media fans, fired back.

On a media level this reminds me of same lack of professionalism across the board Pronger showed after his Chris Simon stomp, a few years ago.

Small item and bonus money/clauses in contracts are worded in a way that go beyond articles, however Windsor Star reported Calvin deHaan (12th overall) was signed at 4.5m vs Dmitri Kulikov (14th selection) at 3.975m. from the 2009 draft.

Depending on what you read a year ago, some publications projected deHaan lower.
I'm hoping Bridgeport has thirty four more " Guaranteed " home games to announce.
Finally, despite Garth Snow's comments, I'm still holding out small hope for a trip to China for training camp. Things change quickly in negotiations, and Capital Indoor Stadium absolutely should be acceptable as a facility.

Or not.

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