Day Two Of Camp, Outstanding Words

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/08/2010 07:47:00 PM |
Islanders website: Recaps day two of prospect camp with more pictures and video.
This is more of a sidebar topic regarding coverage, but when I read something outstanding I feel obligated to share it with our readers.

Yes, folks, there are individuals (plenty of them) who possess a wonderful talent to express things better than NYIFC.

I believe these words from from Senior Sports Producer Jeff Capellini express my thoughts on recent claims of information regarding the New York Islanders far better than I can.

I will also tell you Mr Capellini and I, debated on twitter over hockey coverage in New York a while back, we agreed on little.

Granted his article is centered about LeBron James, and Ilya Kovalchuk, but his talent with words here express things in a way I failed to do, so I wanted to share it and of course credit Mr Capellini.

From now on a source will be known as someone who tells you what you think you need to know, while all the while really doing nothing more than promoting his or her own selfish interests. In their haste to "beat everyone" on these stories reporters have bought the misdirection hook, line and stinker.

That is how I feel about some of the recent items released regarding the New York Islanders, whether they be right or wrong is not the issue, but how they were presented to the public.

I believe it should be for you as well.

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