Utah ECHL Partnership With Islanders Over

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/23/2010 07:02:00 PM |
Utah Grizzlies: Announced on 7/22 they have expanded their role with Calgary, and have parted ways with the New York Islanders organization, whom they had been affiliated with since 2007.

ECHL.com: Has Former Islander-Sound Tiger, Director of Hockey Operations, Kevin Colley comments on the expanded agreement.

NYIFC Comments:
This is an important event folks, Islander affiliates in the ECHL have bounced around for years, shared or otherwise from Atlantic City, Trenton to the franchise that had to cease operations because of Hurricane Katrina, days following the announcement.

In Utah, they finally had a stable ECHL affiliate.

When Bridgeport recalled a player, Utah was where most players came from or were assigned.

For those who follow NYIFC, it was reported several times Calgary shared this affiliation with the Islanders last season, after it was completely an Islander run before this. Utah, long ago was an Islander affiliate, before the team decided to go back there in 2007, with Kevin Colley named head coach, who is now/also the Director of Hockey Operations.

Mikko Koskinen played some games there in their playoffs, and won a deciding game before being recalled.

At this time my speculation is the Isles partner with another ECHL affiliate, in a shared agreement or otherwise. On the groundbreaking news scale it rates a 1.5 because teams go through ECHL affiliations often. It could simply be a matter of wanting an affiliate on the East coast.

The bad news is this concludes any working relationship with Kevin Colley.

As for 6/1/10 the CHL Odessa Jackalopes continue to be an Islanders affiliate. here.

Regretfully, I will have to change the prospect blog to reflect this.

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