Ilya Kovalchuk's Agent Jay Grossman On New York

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Sporting News: Craig Custance had comments from Ilya Kovalchuk's, North American agent, Jay Grossman, about discussions with New York, in a long interview about the process that took all summer.

On reports of an offer from the Islanders:
"They inquired. They called, we had some discussions. They had to get to the floor, obviously. We had a number of calls of that type of nature, with teams that would have been interested if we were interested in a specific kind of contract. Our objection going in was to put Kovy in one place for the remainder of his career."

NYIFC Comments:
Not terribly important, but after a summer of brutal reporting for page views first and foremost, felt it was worth folks knowing what Grossman has to say specifically about Islanders part of these negotiations.

Darren Dreger's claims from what he wrote were his sources about what the Islanders could offer took on a media life of it's own, if nothing else this proved reporting standards must absolutely be reigned in.

Note-I initially posted Scott Cullen's name instead of Mr Dreger's, that error has been correct.

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