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To the best of my knowledge, Mark Flood is the only player not accounted for from last season's Islanders/Sound Tigers, along with Jeremy Colliton, who was qualified in summer 2009, who's current new road jersey is available from a site that updated this information to include all roster changes.
Found it mildly interesting the club is giving out line combination's and injury information, with no free professional media in print or anywhere beyond a cameo by the Post which hopefully means the end of the Dan Martin era. Best way to get ahead of everyone is to simply report their own news and let everyone else catch up.

Having written this, once the club starts going beyond NHL issued/approved agreement not to report injuries, or line changes/whatever they have to stick with it. This may be something just to open camp, but if it goes into the season no backing out.

Seems unnecessary for the club to report DiPietro is getting a day off Monday, which could only mean a day off the ice. This seems like getting ahead of it's print media. Mr Fornabaio of the Ct Post will be heading to the Coliseum this week, so we'll likely get some words from Nate Lawson.

Bottom line until everyone coming back from injury play healthy for months, all these reports/interviews/statements mean absolutely nothing. That goes for every player returning from injury around the NHL, not just DiPietro, Weight, Martinek or any memeber of the New York Islanders.

Yes, an interview with Radek Martink would still be nice.
At least Butch Goring made sure to thank his employer first for the opportunity to call New York Islander hockey games this season. He is correct in asking recently where does one get a chance to pay his dues? Look at all the former players working for media outlets with no experience beyond being interviewed as players.

I did not see first hand Cablevsion/Msg employee Butch Goring claim New York would finish 13th on Saturday for James Dolan's hockey show which was force fed to our fans last season, as opposed to a real post-game on Saturday.

If Goring said it and that's his viewpoint, so be it. He's with the majority of those who don't follow the New York Islanders enough but making projections, Do I think one of Dolan's other paid salesman can say that about the house teams? No.

If Goring felt he was not around the Islanders enough last season, his employer (Msg-Cablevision) should have paid to let him travel with the team, especially when Howie Rose was on one of his vacations.

I find it fascinating how few understand how poorly Martin Biron played last season in an open competition to win a starting spot against a goalie who at one point was ten games over five hundred with the same roster, it goes to show how few follow hockey in New York.

All I know is at this time Msg has saved money on Billy Jaffe's contract if Goring's Msg contract is transferred into the Islander broadcast booth and out of Cablevision-Msg hockey studio with no replacement hired as if this time, to where Goring is for the moment pulling double-duty.

I do not recall Billy Jaffe forced to travel often to Msg Studio to discuss New York Islander hockey.

At this time no New York Islander has been announced to take his spot, until that has been corrected this change is about Msg saving money on a contract.
Globe and Mail: Bruce Dowbiggin has a write-up where former NY Islander, Ray Ferraro explains how he used the source game to incorrectly be one of those who broke incorrect information on the passing of former coach, Pat Burns, with apologies.

NYIFC Comments:
Mr Downbiggin spent just as much time calling out Damien Cox of The Toronto Star for not issuing an apology, but even this is more about media competition for page views, little to do with Pat Burns, his family or the fans.

I'm familiar enough with Mr Dowbiggin's work on hockey to know he plays the shock joke/source game enough himself and should not be throwing stones.

Seems the days of the professional media picking up the phone to confirm a story is the only thing that has passed away. Seemingly no one wants to give their name to confirm information very often so lazy media just throw source to story and go with it.

Obviously this sad show regarding Mr Burns confirms have far things have fallen.
NYIFC changes include Championship pics for Arbour/Torrey. Bill Smith vs Gretzky, and the prospect blog updated to include 10th anniversary tribute. Still working on getting Smith with Conn Smythe.

Also new pics of Jiggs McDonald, Ed Westfall, a tribute to late Islander broadcasters, Bob Lawrence/George Michael. Also added images of Jean Potvin, Barry Landers, John Sterling and a rare Tim Ryan image.

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