Colin Campbell's Double-Standards Strike Again/Two For Wisniewski

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/12/2010 06:02:00 PM | |
Islanders website: Report James Wisniewski was given a two game suspension by the NHL on Tuesday.

“A lot of actions on the ice are regrettable,” Wisniewski said. “I’ve been given a suspension from the league and I’m going to accept it and move on from here.”

NYIFC Comments:
Frankly about what I expected.

As usual Mr Campbell's outright incompetence see's multiple slashes, a match penalty for chopping down a player with his back turned skating away as a one game suspension for one player/team, while the other player who reacted to Avery's initial gesture receives a two game suspension.

If Wisniewski did what Mike Cammalleri did Monday, he no doubt he would have received more than one game. I don't care about the laundry or what team it's about, all you want as a fan is consistent standards for punishing players.

As for New York, they have defenders who need to play some hockey, there will be no media who see's it the same way.