Kirill Kabanov Traded To Lewiston Maineiacs QMJHL

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Good night to do some blog entries apparently.

Lewiston Maineiacs website & Sun-Journal: Justin Pelletier reports the Moncton Wildcats traded Islander prospect Kirill Kabanov to Lewiston for a package of draft selections in next summer's QMJHL entry draft, along with 17-year-old net-minder Jordan Kennedy.

Lewiston GM Roger Shannon, Coach J.F. Houle and Managing Consultant, Bill Schurman comment on trade that includes following on paperwork and Immigration status:

"We know they don't work on weekends, so unless he goes down and everything is absolutely taken care of tomorrow, this weekend is out," Shannon said. "But having him in town next week for the game against Quebec is still a possibility."

"We're working hard on that right now," Schurman said. "We're hoping we can get the t's crossed and the i's dotted and have him the lineup, maybe by Wednesday."

Moncton Wildcats: GM/Head coach/Former Islander assistant coach Danny Flynn had the following statement on the trade:

“Kirill is a talent. I want to wish him the best of luck in Lewiston. In return we receive a young player and 4 draft picks that will help us maintain a solid future for the Wildcats.”

NYIFC Comments:
In short Lewiston (Lewiston, Maine) are the only QMJHL team located in the United States, hence the possible paperwork and immigration issues/delays.

Times/Transcipt: Neil Hodge had more from Danny Flynn on why Kabanov was traded.

"There were no issues here at all this season that prompted this move. This was purely a hockey trade. It was something that we've talked about for quite some time.

"It was a difficult decision to trade him, but we just thought this made sense from the standpoint of the future of this franchise. Acquiring a good young goaltender and four significant draft picks gives us options."

NYIFC Comments:

As for the hockey situation it was obvious Kabanov had worn out his welcome in Moncton, regardless of his recent departure for personal reasons or Danny Flynn's classy statement. If a professional like Flynn/Wildcat management decided to make such a trade this reflects very poorly on Kabanov, who's interviews contradict his actions.

Obviously Lewiston management thinks very highly of Kabanov, it's now all up to him to develop on and off the ice. It said a lot the Islanders demoted him before a single exhibition game, when they needed prospects for split-squad contests.

The rest is all words and speculation. Mr Pelletier the other day had some speculation on Kabanov being traded, it was not packed with source game, so I added it in twitter updates here.

For reference former draft pick Max Gratchev from 2007/4th round also played in Lewiston.

NYIFC Prospect blog is updated with change for Kabanov.

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