Niederreiter Returned to WHL

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/28/2010 03:55:00 PM |

Islanders website: Report Nino Niederreiter was returned to the Portland WinterHawks by the club today, the teams website had an update with his comments here.

NYIFC Comments:
At such a young age or almost a year younger than Tavares/Bailey when they were rookies it's easy to see why this is the right move for Niederreiter, but he obviously made it tough on management with his seasoned play. Matt Martin was expected to be here going into camp, plus they have Joensuu/several wingers in Bridgeport with more seasoning who need an opportunity, plus at some point Kyle Okposo will return along with Rob Schremp moving another center to wing.

You can only play three right wingers on top three lines.
**************************************** Report Alex Auld will make his debut for Montreal Friday in New York.

NYIFC Comments:
Given the road trip coming up along with the Islanders constant struggles in Philadelphia, this club needs a win Friday regardless who Scott Gordon puts in goal. Four games now in a row they have outplayed for long stretches of games.

Scott Gordon before the game in Montreal had this quote, and I could not write it any better to sum up what I have been seeing, granted Comeau and some players have obviously not been same or playing hurt or getting banged up in games:

“Usually when a team struggles, they were struggling before they started to struggle, It might not have showed up in the win-loss column, but to me (our play) started to deteriorate after the Washington game. We didn’t come close to playing the last four games with the same kind of oomph that we had in the first three.”

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