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NYIFC stepped things up here during camp to set folks up for NHL season as best as possible, the response as usual has been fantastic.

There is no plan on paper at NYIFC for this season, no promise that can be made beyond NYIFC being visible all season (the one promise made) along with the prospect blog.

The new look created here over the summer is fantastic and something that I'm very proud of along with the appearance of NYIFC Prospect Blog, which is a second to none encyclopedia of the teams prospects.

There will be no polls, comments sections was closed since 09, the era of the daily blog entries year-round ended in April of 2009.

NYIFC responds to all-emails, but it takes a little time.

I have decided like last season to work here mostly through twitter, which in effect is one big box filled with updates, just like a blog entry.

Keep checking and you will usually see something new written, and a space to respond via twitter.

On occasion there will be written blog entries at NYIFC, a year ago it ran one or two every week or so which is a lot for most writers, but nowhere near our former high standard.

I may step things up at times and write more entries, I may not.

Occasionally, it's easier to do one entry here instead of ten or twenty twitter updates.

For those who have followed NYIFC, or it's predecessors, for well over a decade you know the scoreboard or standings have no bearing whatsoever on how much is ever written.

Having written this, I will be taking a step back in terms of twitter updates this season.

Last year all eighty two games had twitter updates with game articles, which even included going full-time here for Bridgeport playoffs with NYIFC. I do not wish to go on line and start writing after every game, win or lose.

At this point I'm considering doing twitter updates every few days, or about a group of games at once.

The idea the last few weeks was to set everyone up for the season as best as I could.

NYIFC has never been a media blog, anyone who has that perception would be completely incorrect.

I'm not going to do a lot of updates about the media this season because long-time readers of NYIFC know where we stand on the subject. The same will hold for the Lighthouse/Nassau Coliseum coverage unless a definitive plan is announced.

Since day one doing daily articles here in a digest it has examined the writer viewpoint along with their game update to go with team/player quotes. It has asked fair questions of work, no more, no less. This blog has also given out praise for quality work countless times.

When you see articles from fringe sports writers, who at best write one or two NHL updates a year packed with blind, unreasoning assaults on the team, not based on fact or a solid knowledge of the team (see Jay Greenberg/NY Post), I do not believe it's unreasonable to question that viewpoint, or the outright bias/agenda behind it.

Marc Berman was a season ticket holder, a decades long NY Islander fan, covering the club ten years ago for the NY Post. When he was critical (often) it was knowledge based, not someone showing up twice a year just to throw cheap-shots for page views, who could not name five players.

Bottom line there are countless archives on all these subjects, there is virtually nothing further I can add beyond the fact that many of these writers (especially in NYC) surface to take shots at the Islanders and an owner who had not been given the same taxpayer handouts/exemptions as others to fund arena/stadium, and won't take the club seriously unless they spend (just not on Yashin or DiPietro) yet all those newspapers are guilty of not spending their resources to cover the New York Islanders.

These publications seem to have no problem, however spending their resources on the laughingstock Knicks.

Very hypocritical. Many markets have their teams struggle far longer and don't see the coverage cut or outright dropped. The Panthers have outstanding coverage, compared to all three local hockey teams, and have gone the longest without playoffs.
On the ice I see a team that has as good a chance as any to make the playoffs and compete for a Stanley Cup as any in this conference. They could finish anywhere from 1-15 depending on what falls into place vs what does not.

Some things will work, others will not.

If the 09-10 New York Islanders w/250 man games lost can take 3/4 to overtime against Washington, defeat Chicago, Vancouver, Detroit, Colorado, Phoenix, play even with division winner Buffalo, take 3/3 at home to overtime against Pittsburgh, they can win the Stanley Cup this season.

There were four one goal losses to Philadelphia, some badly blown leads from beating out several teams for playoff spots, and they were in contention in March/April.

09-10 is now over.

Welcome to NYIFC for the 2010-11 season. I hope it ends with a Stanley Cup for the New York Islanders.

My Thanks To Everyone.

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