Atlanta 2, New York 1 Overtime

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All you'll see is the 13th straight headlines but it does not tell the story of this one. Atlanta was rested, at home and just came off blowing out Washington, and for a good part of this game they were outworked.

New York played well, they missed chances, hit post or were robbed, but were getting to the net.

Atlanta was forced into a time out in the third and they had Thrashers scrambling and they did it with in back to back games with only five defenders after the first period.

New York skated well, and were creating chances five on five, they even showed a little speed. Grabner was moving very well, Comeau also.

If not for the hand pass goal to make it 1-1, New York wins 1-0, that was just a terrible non-call.

DiPietro was very good in goal.

No complaints with their effort, they work like that on Wednesday they have a real chance to earn two points, saw some good signs today.

Howie Rose is Cablevision's employee, he works for Msg and James Dolan, just like Goring does, and Billy Jaffe did. His unprofessional conduct and explanation for it is fine, but the New York Islanders should not have to tolerate his frustrations/technical issues/whatever, regardless of what Msg pays them to bury most games on their network.

Not calling for his dismissal because of today, that would be for years worth of issues here that have nothing to do with Sunday's game in of itself.

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