Final Thoughts on Islander Changes Behind Bench/Notables

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Several Radio, ITV interviews with Garth Snow, Jack Capuano and players were added to twitter feed.

Today I wish to present some final thoughts on coaching changes made, and some other items.

Butch Goring was in this spot a decade ago, with more first-hand experience than anyone on the subject because he lived it. His opening words a week ago asked why are Josh Bailey and Blake Comeau being moved around between wing and center this much, and flat out said it's hard enough at this level at one position. (paraphrasing)

Say whatever you want about the Dolan's contract to plug in the television booth to save money on Billy Jaffe, but he was absolutely correct in my viewpoint. Did it lead to only seventeen even strength goals this season? Maybe, perhaps not.

Hunter, Nielsen even strength performance absolutely also have to go on Scott Gordon, along with a ton of minus players.
I find it interesting how so many who did not want to give Scott Gordon any kind of fair chance when he was hired because he replaced the popular Ted Nolan now feel he was such a big part of the answer moving forward?

Always seems when a coach is hired here it's a terrible move because he is inexperienced but when he is fired or moved to another spot, the perception is they just let go of the next great coach like Peter Laviolette, who was not a popular hire at the time over Ted Nolan?

I hope for Scott Gordon he goes to another club and wins a Stanley Cup sooner than later, but it would not shock me to even see him rehired as coach of the New York Islanders next summer if he does have a good working relationship with Snow.

Having written that, one out of twenty points in regulation is going to seal the fate of most coaches, especially one with the longest tenure in in division.

I guess now Gordon can host the Dolan's Saturday night show being that Pat Flatley is never there to represent the club because full-time Islander personalities cost more money for Msg.

I suspect Lou Lamoriello will be coaching again very soon so he will not be available.
Memo to Don Lagreca: No one in New York is talking Rangers or Devils anywhere either, don't make it only about the New York Islanders in baseball/NJ football's town. That's the true reality, you are not doing our team any more favors than you do the other local teams by interviewing Snow.

The Cablevision Garden are announcing their sellouts which more and more media are noticing despite thousands of empty seats here.
Requirements for being an Instant Media Expert on Everything Regarding NYI:
1. Just check the payroll/cap/DiPietro's stats.
2. Ignore the prospects signed to max contracts.
3. Ignore the players signed to long term deals. (Nielsen/Hunter)
4. Ignore Comeau/Moulson's production at end of last season.
5. Ignore you can only have nine players on top three lines.
6. Ignore horrible UFA market for forwards less Kovalchuk last summer.
7. Ignore Agents claim Snow offered most for Paul Martin.
8. Blame Wang for not going bankrupt, claim you know what he does daily regarding hockey operations when none of us know anything along those lines and it's not our business, then claim he's only in it for real estate to contradict yourself.
9. Ignore Nassau/TOH role in arena issue.
10. Ignore NHL's oldest dump in Manhattan, & it's taxpayer exemption for life.
11. Bring up Milbury, DiPietro, Yashin, ignore the four playoffs/five years.
12. Rinse, repeat.

13. Submit resume to Espn or SI/THN where there is no local professional media outlet to challenge how our updates are served up for sensationalism first and foremost for page views.

All I ask is our fans is to tune out the rhetoric, see the players for how they perform on the ice, how management makes it's decisions on performance, and what they claim to be building towards as a franchise.

I maintain Garth Snow got on a stage and lied three summers ago about his working relationship with Ted Nolan. I'm not going to pull punches for anyone on anything regarding the New York Islanders. There are more then fair questions on why Trent Hunter has a spot or how long before Frans Nielsen starts having final value of Petteri Nokelainen as he was force-fed powerplays or what realistically can Doug Weight do at five on five?

Jon Sim outscored all three last season.

How come Joensuu or another prospects is not brought up and given same chance Jack Capuano now has?

These all go directly on the general manager, who can always made a trade to change his mix, tough trade market or not.

As I wrote recently I don't do alarmist game here at NYIFC, this was easy to see coming, which Scott Gordon noted when the team was a 4-2-1. Frankly, I do not see the current roster as it's constructed capable of producing at five on five based on what I have seen over seventeen games.

Do Jack Capuano's coaching tweaks change this because he comes in as a new voice who was failing in the AHL with an impossible three goalie system that also goes on the gm?

I'm very skeptical.

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