Florida 4, New York 1

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Cue five on five, broken record. I'm tired of writing about it.

Too much Vokoun, Panthers can score at even strength and skate better, this team cannot score to save their lives at even strength beyond Moluson, who McCabe gift-wrapped a goal for, or it's another sixty minutes with nothing at five on five.

Perhaps if the second period five on three produces for Islanders, Florida opens up and makes some mistakes, but they simply outworked them for their goals, and drove to the net better.

The Islanders looked like a beaten team after the second.

Panthers with 5-3 pp looked as flawed as the Islanders when they actually are creating pressure at five on five, still early in third the Islanders had Vokoun moving and he had to be very good on a few saves, but down 4-1 this year's Islander team cannot come back from that, they knew it too.

Jack Capuano was right in his post-game, the Islanders had some passengers.

Dwayne Roloson was not/never is the problem in goal, DiPietro confirmed starter Sunday. Does it matter who starts in goal if the club only produces one even strength goal each game?

I have been giving the scoring problems some thought. Maybe the even strength goals, Park, Sim whoever scored last year, even the rare early goal Jackman chipped in, this group outside of Moulson just cannot do that, plus for what this is worth they did not bring back a player who's near even in Bergenheim.

It does seem like Park's ability to skate the puck into the offensive zone helped them create a better forecheck, I'm getting an education myself now on why maybe so many coaches fell into the trap of playing him on top lines. Before Park, Jason Blake had that ability, it was criticized in Toronto, but here it got the opposing defense moving.

Now that the pp is struggling which masked problem early, it's obvious how poor this team is in creating chances. All those dirty Sim goals last December made a difference.

Next is they go play Atlanta Sunday. For those wondering why I'm doing blog entries here on games, this looks like the end of any hope for a competitive season, this is what folks will need to remember if they cannot recover.

I don't believe this team can recover, the even strength problems have been there in every game but one, the trade it would take to alter the mix effectively, likely alters the idea to go with prospects.

Sure, I feel terrible for all of our fans, the players, management needs to take a long look in the mirror at the summer decisions they could control.

All I can add is this is the second year, don't count 582 man game lost 08-09 season, that was not building toward anything, it only surviving eighty two games with Guerin, Sillinger, Comrie, Weight not producing often enough.

Los Angeles took almost a decade, Florida is around a decade, Chicago, Pittsburgh and a lot of teams had countless poor years in a row. The years injuries dominated this organization cannot be counted as years players were developing.

This is what growing pains are, we saw them a decade ago.

On the other side of that coin, there are the Jesse Joensuu's prospects, his comments speak for themselves about how this is his time and he has to produce.

It goes directly on management if he fails.

Oh yes, tonight's loss equals the Arbour-Torrey 1990 Islanders.

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