Islander Notables: Bailey-Nielsen-Schremp Plan Failing

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The team is falling back quickly, the progress made recently over. They played horrible in Buffalo but won, they were better at home but lost to the Sabres in the rematch.

Josh Bailey looks like a man without a position, who's confused on both offense and defense, he did not come back from Bridgeport with that problem.

Rob Schremp's offense and defensive game have fallen off dramatically.

Frans Nielsen's offensive game is status quo, he can't score at even strength or on the pp, and he's taking a lot of players offense with him as Jack Capuano makes him his go-to forward on too many occasions.

That leaves one line or the hope of some bounces.

I don't like what I'm seeing and it's forcing Comeau, Grabner to have to rely on individual efforts as Nielsen-Okposo are paired under a third Islander coach.

All the moving around of Josh Bailey is making him a confused hockey player, it's not the right strategy. The Islanders need defensive players, Nielsen being counted on the score simply has not happened.

I don't have an answer but Bailey is the top prospect, the standings dictate he play his natural drafted position which is center. Is there a rule Nielsen cannot play the fourth line and be the second center on faceoffs?

Jeremy Colliton has gotten his chance, there is no rule Konopka cannot sit for a game if they want to continue that look.
I really have nothing new on Nabokov that I did not write when he was claimed, he wants to stay home he risks the Islanders tolling the contract and his next season if the league sides with the Islanders.

The CBA says he needs to report here and play out his agreement, if he does not wish to honor his agreement, it's his future. Garth Snow has a right to protect DiPietro's health and Poulin's development with the best available player he can find.

Whatever Snow says before the Carolina game that's the bottom line unless he wants Nabokov far away from his prospects which means risking depth. Koskinen returned for Bridgeport but Lawson is still out.

Nova Scotia News: Jon Sim had the following:
"There was a lot of things going on with the whole season with the Islanders and I just felt it was time to move on and just be happy," he said by phone from Switzerland Tuesday. "I was sick of getting sent down and getting called up. I had to make this decision."

NYIFC Comments:
Jon Sim signed a two-way contract knowing there was a good chance he would be sent up and down or not even make the NHL team out of camp. He was given chances on top lines with injuries to Hunter, Okposo and several forwards. He went from thirteen goals to one with the opportunities he was given, and passed through NHL waivers countless times.

Sim should have been loyal to the organization and been the positive he was for Bridgeport on so many occasions. I like Sim a great deal as a player but disappointed to read such comments.

What's next is New York plays more hockey games after the break, jobs are being decided for next season.

Tonight will be very tough, Carolina can score/skate, will be rested/waiting plus they forced some of DiPietro's worst mistakes of the seasons in the earlier game, if he does start Wednesday.

Poulin is outplaying DiPietro in these games, but at his age you don't keep him in the NHL a year out of juniors.

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