Regardless of Injuries Garth Snow Must Be Blamed For Teams Record

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Garth Snow came into this year making it clear everyone had to be better and this team must be making a run at a playoff spot.

I can write about Grabner, Parenteau, Moulson numbers and Snow can have credit for their very solid statistical seasons, but bottom line is the win total.

He failed and it does go on him.

NYIFC You have been writing about injuries non-stop here, about three out of four years of leading the league in man games lost, so why does Snow not get a pass for that?

This year was significantly different than the veteran team of 2008-09 that lost 582 man games, it was different than 2007-08 club, where Ted Nolan's had a league leading 402 man game lost where bulk of injuries happened in March, when the club fell completely out of contention.

How many times did I write last summer if you want to add, you have to subtract, that many spots were taken?

Sadly Trent Hunter should have been moved after years of injuries and struggles, or it should have been anticipated the same struggles/injuries could continue.

Because the decision to resign Doug Weight, who was an injury waiting to happen, has not been an even strength player for countless years. Because PA Parenteau who could only produce on pp, early had too much asked of him too soon as a first line player at five on five. Because early Blake Comeau into Dec 2010 was the same unproductive player he was last season with fourteen points into February 2010 before he got hot at the end when goalies started letting in softies.

Because Frans Nielsen has proven time and again for all his solid defensive play, he simply cannot produce at five on five or on a pp. Zeon Konopka, nice addition, not a scorer.

This team had Eaton, Mottau, Wisniewski, Hunter, Jurcina, Comeau, Martinek and others healthy (most games) when they were in their season ending free-fall setting even strength records for not producing, Scott Gordon was concerned about the clubs play in the first games at 4-1.

At the end of this season I may well do more blog postings about NY leading league in man games lost, about the four, five or more twenty goal scorers where a few years ago Bill Guerin was the only twenty goal player.

What I will not be writing is Garth Snow should not be blamed, regardless of individual success on the statistical front. The Islanders could get thirty out of Parenteau, Grabner and Moulson, but when this team needed scoring to stay in the race, it was not there from many of his regulars. Sim returned with his thirteen goals and could not produce.

The five on five scoring was as big a problem as the starts to games are now for this club. It's something that speaks to the general managers construction of the team.

Even without Streit/Okposo/Schremp there was no excuse for the remaining healthy players to struggle to the degree they did, when all this team needed was to remain around five hundred.

Nice that outside of ten games or so all were games decided by two or less goals/empty net, still does not excuse what happened.

Sure, leading the league in man games sets back teams badly, but unlike past seasons where this happened, the season was lost with many regulars healthy.

That goes directly on the general manager, which is boss must ask him about.

Star Phoenix: The Islanders had to give permission to allow another game in Saskatoon this fall, they could still return there for a game, but at this time the club still working on plans.

Someone want to explain why Kohn, Katic, Klementyev and Wishart are in Bridgeport for Gervais and even Reese to finish up this season? I know Gervais is playing better but it's highly unlikely he is staying without a two-way contract.

Whatever happens, Schremp and even Nielsen should change positions so Josh Bailey can play his natural position at this point in his career. As soon as Okposo is out of camp mode, Comeau-Bailey-Okposo. Grabner-Nielsen/Schremp.

Jack Capuano is fighting for his NHL future, players who he claims are playing selfish will be sitting or seeing time cut.

Garth Snow said he expects the deadline to be quiet for his club, could happen, however what he says on television in quick Cablevision interview means nothing.

For those who e-mailed, I do not believe Nabokov being over thirty five in July 2010, means his contract must be paid if he retires because for starters he never reported and is suspended nor does the over-35 rule apply because of his birth-date. Deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, has made clear he owes New York a full year if he will not buy time for Poulin, DiPietro, Lawson now.

Next year if everyone is healthy, I suspect Lawson (the veteran/undrafted goalie) will not be retained, one of Poulin/Koskinen will be here and Anders Nilsson will be signed and part of Bridgeport goaltending rotation.

Unless DiPietro is injured, I see no place for a tolled Nabokov next year, even at a discount. It's counter-productive to have Nilsson, Koskinen and Poulin in Bridgeport with DiPietro-Nabokov sharing a crease here.

Billy Jaffe knows Cablevision can wreck his career, good to stay on terms with former employer, regardless if they let you go over money. Flately has done two shows as " Islander replacement " for Butch Goring, who's had to do double-duty on a few occasions.

Has Cablevision-owned Newsday done another overt negative on the Islanders yet, seems the negative campaign is picking up steam.

Funny how in almost two years under Cablevision/Newsday rule we never see them about Dolan's teams?

I will end this entry by asking a few questions?

Is the plan to give Hunter his spot back, expect him to stay healthy and score twenty next year because he has two years left on his contract?

It's fair to write that's the plan that helped end this teams season by Nov. I like Hunter, loved his resigning/classy negotiations, but three years in it has not worked at all.

Why will it work next year?

For those scoring at home, Streit, Eaton, Jurcina, Mottau, MacDonald, Hamonic are all signed for next season. Hillen is a rfa. I would like to see Martinek return, but what happens next for deHaan when this team desperately needs an offensive defender and some goals from the backline?

In 2010-11 this team did not score from the backline. Are the expecting Mark Streit to jump back in and put up fifty points after a year off, for a player in his thirties can change them for good.

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