Washington 3, New York 2

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Washington 3, New York 2: NYIFC game review.

NYIFC Comments:
Not going to do this after tonight, just getting everyone used to what it will look like it twitter box for a second game.

Ty Conklin, Pascal Leclaire and Curtis McElhinney, were placed on waivers Saturday, which may explain Nate Lawson going on waivers again, but could also mean DiPietro may be close/may be shut down. There are no playoffs for Bridgeport so no law Koskinen cannot play a game or two. Montoya's test will come when he does struggle in how he recovers from it.

As for Rob Schemp, fair to write it would be a waste for him in Bridgeport given there are no playoffs upcoming for them, but maybe the organization has decided what Scott Gordon said long ago, that for him to have a spot here, it must be at center. As long as Tavares, Bailey, and Nielsen are in the middle, it's better for Joensuu, Martin or someone else to be in that spot.

I expect both players to clear waivers, Schremp had a brief run after an early injury which kept him out the first month but obviously management made the correct decision in placing Josh Bailey in his natural spot, and stopped moving him around, after he was recalled (was doing great at center in AHL) immediately they put him back on wing.

Schremp's best fit is as a second line center somewhere, I don't see that here, sure he could clear, finish out the season and then we see if he's qualified.

Of course like many players, being placed on waivers does not mean they are necessarily going to Bridgeport or anywhere.

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