You Know The Colin Campbell/NHL Media Double-Standards Very Well

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/12/2011 06:55:00 PM |

No folks, I don't like playing the victim card because it's not about the New York Islanders, and should not be about any team, however Colin Campbell's history of double-standards regarding some teams speaks for itself.

The rules don't apply to all players/teams the same, even when it's the same actions.

In Campbell's world, Thomas Pock suspensions are longer than Matt Cooke's, Chris Pronger's repeat-offender stomp, does not count the same as Chris Simon's. Tucker taking out Michael Peca by the knees after saying he was going to take him out, meaning injure him prior means nothing to Campbell or his staff. Gary Roberts charge from center ice and hands driving Kenny Jonsson's head to glass, five minutes...ejection/no suspension.

Jordan Staal's sucker-punch on 2/1/2011, and subsequent match-penalty, means no suspension and an automatic one game penalty revoked so he can play the New York Islanders that night?

If Staal got ten games for a sucker punch, give exactly the same to Martin and Gillies. If Stall received no games, the same has to go for Martin-Gillies. Set a precedent to where it's not about the laundry, but the act, regardless which player it is.

That would work fine for all fans, the players would know the consequences in advance.

But it never happens that way, and this is the problem.

Colin Campbell's always been hockey fans problem.
Who is Brent Johnson kidding? Rick DiPietro in ten years never crossed center ice to fight another player, he was not throwing punches at another Penguin or giving another Islnnder an advantage when Johnson crossed center ice in Pittsburgh.

Johnson in less than two weeks was waiting at center ice twice.

What was he doing last night at center ice with Koskinen in his net not involved in anything?
Fear not on the NHL media front. As long as life-long former Daily News Ranger fans Frank Brown, John Dellapina control the official NHL media spin, with another former Rangers Mike Murphy/Kris King as NHL Senior Vice Presidents of Hockey Operations, the New York Islanders will not be getting the same treatment as other teams either.

Brown and Dellapina made a career of beating on the New York Islanders at the Daily News.

I don't want to write any of this, but this is how things always work under this league administration.

Our media is James Dolan's Msg media, in other words, we have no media to defend this team, and in fact go out of their way to portray the opposite, with former Ranger beatwriter, Arthur Staple, never shy to rip the Islanders as he must sell James Dolan hockey team and seven million dollar captain with zero goals.

Sadly there are a lot of Paul Steigerwald's out there in print and on television, we don't need that on our teams side or against it.

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