Trevor Gillies Suspended Another Ten Games

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NYIFC Comments on Colin Campbell's latest suspension to Trevor Gillies.

NYIFC Comments:
Beyond my twitter update....This was entirely different from his head-shot against Pittsburgh.

From the right side view, you see Gillies hit Clutterbuck an instant after DiBenedetto got boarded as part of the play going on. Gillies it him clean with the right shoulder and he did not jump into the player.

With his left arm there is no elbow, high stick, or cross-check. Gillies does clearly raise his left hand in a punching motion and drive his gloved hand into his head in an uppercut motion, that combined with Gillies hitting him from behind drove Clutterbuck into the boards.

I have seen a lot of hits like that in this league go without penalties, much less a ten game suspension. Gillies head-shot, punching and subsequent actions against Pittsburgh/combined with taunting cannot be defended, this is something different.

Lot's of similar hits and worse not being called much less suspensions give.

For those who would like a nice team photo of the 2010-11 New York Islanders from Friday 3/4/2011 that included most of the long-term injured here.

I'm pretty sure that's Mark Eaton in the photo also with Weight, Hunter, Streit, reportedly no one got injured when photo was taken. Rick DiPietro has returned to practice which likely means he is on time-table to return of 4-6 weeks.

Nothing on any recall as of this writing. If Haley is still out, the club no longer has a Joel Rechlicz to recall and Yablonski has not played in months for Bridgeport, so they may be short an enforcer.

Schremp is in Atlanta off waivers, so it's Joensuu, Rahkshani seven defenders or someone about to make a debut.

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