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Later Monday 5pm NYIFC will re-release it's exclusive interview with Professional Hockey Writers Association President, Kevin Allen from 9/23/2008.

Of course it is available in the blog archives at all times.

Three games/four days and that concludes the 2010-11 season.

Perhaps a chance to bump a team up or down a spot and likely an entirely meaningless game in on Saturday.

Obvious lottery consequences with hopes of catching Devils/Atlanta almost zero.
Not sure what will happen against Pittsburgh besides the obvious league warnings to both sides with the Pens having more to lose in terms of playoff suspensions.

If the Islanders are interested in bringing back Trevor Gillies with 2.9 strikes for next season, it will be interesting to see how they allow Gillies to play things the next few days.

If the league were smart it would throw out anyone after their first fight and not allow things to escalate.
Can Rick DiPietro play back to back games? Not a bad time to find out because if he is only starting once every week or so, not going to get off the rust that way.

Would like to see him represent US at World Championships after that, not expecting to see it.

Bottom line he has to return as a starter here able to play at a high level or the contract does become a mistake. He had knee swelling twice this year, one hip injury and the elbow to his face caused him to miss significant time.

There has been no knee setback/damage reported.
Nothing updated on Blake Kessel beyond early articles. Of course the Islanders can sign him and let him stay another season at college but run the risk of injury.
National Post: Reported in a Sunday conference call the rest of the PHWA decided to go ahead with the voting for NHL awards during a Sunday conference call.

Nashville Tennessean: Josh Cooper has the latest with a release from the PHWA along with Teri Frei in Denver, who never has a kind word for the Islanders

NYIFC Comments:
As usual this sad story will reach ten different outlets and ten different versions of it will be reported.

More than one article now concerned the NHL will take the vote from all professional writers on awards they control vote on so no doubt this will be settled quietly. I'm in favor of the league controlling the vote entirely or keeping it internal because of obvious team bias regardless of how this plays out.

The standard of what is a professional writer vs a blogger has become very skewed and some markets have writers who don't cover hockey but have the privilege of voting because they are long-time members.

Why should Pittsburgh or Buffalo have less votes than New York when Penguins and Sabres receive ratings higher than all three local teams combined and better overall coverage by less writers?

Twenty writers make up the New York area hockey chapter of the association? Less than ten of them write with any regularity.

A writer should not have the privilege of voting for anything unless that publication spends money for full time home and away coverage along with daily blogs.

No blogger should be given any kind of vote. Only accredited newspaper writers with columns that cover the teams games on a daily basis. The last few years has convinced me of this.

To get a little perspective here of what credentials it takes to join this association when Satan was given Good Guy Award in 2006 the Islanders website listed the Long Island Chapter of this Association here so you can see what standards make up a member beyond paying dues.

It was beyond sad with one full time beatwriter, an AP writer, an NHL writer, one writer who barely covered team and one person from a fan website.

Obviously some names have changed since then.
Ct Post writer Michael Fornabaio has a vote up for a team award in his blog at the Post. NYIFC wrote in comment section it would not be voting unless Chris Botta is removed from lockeroom when in fact what was meant to be stated is his content is not carried by the Ct Post.

Obviously the Ct Post does not control locker-room access, but what content Mr Fornabaio can link to which is where my protest comes from.

I'm not very happy with what I wrote, perhaps I should not have put that there and obviously worded it incorrectly.

Having pointed this out I don't find it fair given all the interviews those same kids gave him on rare occasions he went to Bridgeport. Many of them have made it and deserve better than to read there is nothing in AHL from someone who is not a scout or a prospect expert that do not need to be placed in the middle of someone's private issues with that team that he has worked very hard to make public.

I'm also aware of Garth Snow's comments in the Calgary Sun/Toronto repeat Saturday. .
NY Times: Quietly corrected it's error three days later on New York winning the 82-83 Stanley Cup, along with other local team making the playoffs and other items from Jeff Z Klein's poorly done article from Thursday.

NYIFC Comments:
Of course it was well hidden. Full disclosure again, the Islanders website quickly edited out it's Saturday mistake on association having Vezina vote without pointing out it's mistake.

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