Shinnecock Nation Close To MOU With Nassau County

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/18/2011 10:27:00 PM |

NY Post: Reports the Shinnecock Nation and Nassau County are close to a Memorandum of Understand to build a Casino next to the Nassau Coliseum site.

NYIFC Comments:
Basically repeats Mangano's speech from a week ago with this as first option. All I do know is if a new Memorandum of Understanding is done with Nassau County, that likely supersedes the one between Wang-Rechler to develop the property and that the Town of Hempstead cannot vote down any such project. Only Mangano knows where Coliseum/Wang/his Marriott hotel stand in this possible development that will not be permitted to drag out for years. Mangano is on record he will put a 400m dollar taxpayer referendum out for a brand new Nassau Coliseum as his final plan.

Still none of this explains how any current or future New York Islander owner or future owners can own a team that will be self-sustaining? It does not explain where Smg is with their future rights past 2015 to have a say in what's built on the property.

Charles Wang not only outright owns the hotel, he owns eight acres of land near that property.

Bruce Boudreau, hit the nail on the head.

This is a New York crowd come playoffs:

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